Friday, December 16, 2005


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Who you know says peace the hardest?

The Gods, the Gods

Who you know greets the ignorant with peace?

The Gods, the Gods

Who doesn’t use peace as a password and stops and Builds?

The Gods, the Gods

It is a universal greeting. In Hebrew it is Shalom, Salaam in Arabic, Hotep in ancient Egyptian, etc. I come in peace and I leave in peace thus everything I do in between is to establish or reestablish peace. The Culture of I Self Lord Am Master is rooted in peace.

As my alike Divine Ruler states ,”We are peace MAKERS not pacifist.” So when you hear peace it is not in some hippie-esque, rainbow coalition, let’s all just get along tone. It is the declaration by men and women whom are concerned with making heaven on earth so that heaven IS earth.

This is very important to realize because peace has been taken by the ignorant to mean non-confrontational and non-violence. Martin Luther King was rooted in the teachings of Ghandi in terms of his perspective to non-violence. Yet even Ghandi stated that who wouldn’t have used his non-violent approach against the Nazis because they had NO CONSCIOUS. He knew that that English wanted to keep the APPEARANCE of being civilized. This is why his tactics (different tactics for different situations) were successful against them. Martin Luther King also had some unique perspectives in terms of his own personal evolution in terms of non-violence. Specifically he advocated that some countries whom were struggling against colonialism worldwide SHOULD use violence (though this is always glossed over for the ‘I have a dream’ speech’).

On the personal scale peace is something that I know has to be worked for. Whether it is in a relationship, community control, or peace of mind. What is important though is with great Knowledge comes great Wisdom. One has to know HOW to establish peace for if you establish peace in a ‘non peaceful’ manner it will crumble.

This is the point I am at now with my young son I-Victory. Being that he is the F.O.A. (Fruit of Allah) he has to have some self defense training. Yet he has to know WHEN it is appropriate. He has a little ‘crew’ that we call ‘Three the Hard Way’. It’s him, another boy named Amir and another named Corey. We are teaching them the importance of loyalty, honesty, etc. So on this day we started teaching him some 52 Handblocks. Along with the martial teaching though we are stressing the importance of being a leader, being a peace maker, and the difference in environments of conflict (the classroom vs. the bus).

Establishing peace is a manifestation of order out of chaos. It is a Divine act in and of itself. This is another lesson that we are working to get to him, being the fulcrum of change cause ain’t no Mystery God going to do it for him and THIS God (me, his Father) ain’t always going to be around so he has to be RESPONSIBLE. No need to wait for a RAPTURE. HE is the Rapture. He is the hereafter. E.ducate A.llah’s C.hildren E.veryday

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