Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sorry...we're not muslims in training

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When you read a lot of the essays that have been written about the Nation of Gods and Earths there is a lot of ‘subtext’ sometimes. There is often a ‘subliminal’ message. This message is that the Nation of Gods and Earths are a “proto” or “quasi” form of Islam. This subject has been touched on by many in this Nation. What follows this line of thinking is that the Nation of Gods and Earths work as an ‘immature’ form of Islam that many ‘grow” out of until they become a Sunni or Shiite muslim. So there is a definite ‘intellectual hierarchy’ set up where one is set up to be more ‘primative/elementary’ than the other.

What is never written about in these essays is that there are MANY in the Nation of Gods and Earths whom came from the muslims of the Nation of Islam, from Sunni Islam, etc. There is a big portion also whom come from a population that is dissatisfied with Christianity (I myself came from that population). And many times we just aren’t ‘lay/passive’ members of said groups. Many whom I have met are well versed in the doctrine, theology, and religious text of their former religious affiliation.

From my observation I have seen that many make a transition from the Nation of Gods and Earths because they never fully gain an Understanding of everything that we teach and will achieve. They KNOW what it is that we teach and will achieve yet because they don’t have a great Understanding their Wisdom has no direction and cannot set up for Understanding to be Born in another. As a result when approached with certain questions by the 85% or even the 10% they don’t want to take the weight for something that they don’t fully Understand. They do not want to be perceived as ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, etc yet they don’t Understand how we are not those things so subconsciously they start to thing that we are. When approached on Yacub or other aspects of 120 degrees their own lack of study and manifestation makes them an easy target for the 85% and 10%. Thus they leave the Nation and become religious or become ‘universal’ i.e. ‘I don’t limit myself to 120.’ Universal doesn’t mean that one mixes everything in a pot of slop and eat it. Universal means that one knows their coordinate in the Universe and how they relate to everything else. In the long run the above individuals leave the Nation because they don’t want to shoulder any responsibility to the Nation yet they want to live off of the magnetic of the Nation.


Sha-King Allah said...

Hell yeah! Teach God! Teach!

Jedi of the Old Republic said...

dope post.
there is a site called
these dudes are crazy..

This is Brother Omi if you are wondering..

Abdul-Halim V. said...

So no disrespect intended but are there actually statistics on how many "Gods and Earths" become Sunni/Shia and vice-versa?

And what *are* the respectful ways which an "orthodox" Muslim can refer to members of the Nation of Gods and Earths?

Do you think it is possible for an "orthodox" Muslim who is conscious and trying to do something about racism, power, and oppression in society to be one of the "poor righteous teachers" who have knowledge of self? Or are all orthodox Muslims in the 85%?

3abdal-Baari said...

Peace to those that follow righteous guidance,

Thank you for your blog aakhi. There is no question in my mind that the Nation of Gods and Earths is related to other Islamic groups in history. I hope and believe that in the long run we will witness a convergence of all the 5% and “Islamic/Muslim” groups among the African nation. It is important that we maintain positive relationships and dialog even when we disagree on issues of “believe”. We are all brothers in this together, with the same blood, roots, struggle and history.

This is a time of change and progress and we must support each other. As far as co-operating in building and strengthening our community we must be united no matter if we are part of the 5%, the Salafi, Sunni, NOI or any of the groups of brothers.