Thursday, January 05, 2006

There is no mystery god AND the Blackman is God

One of the fundamental teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths is that there is no mystery god. A mystery god is basically defined as a disembodied astral being whom no one has seen. This is not a ‘hard’ concept to grasp. It basically can be seen as a form of atheism (though we reject that term outright for various reasons…atheist don’t ‘believe’ in God. It almost implies that there is a mystery god that atheist just ‘choose’ not to believe it. We don’t utilize the terminology of ‘belief’.)

Because of the similarity of this aspect of our teachings with other forms of ‘atheism’ it is an easy concept for to grasp for those whom are dissatisfied with religion. In fact, many of the people whom I have exposed to 120 degrees had already stopped searching for a mystery god.

In terms of the mileage between God and Earth I will say that it is easy for the Earth to see that there is no mystery god. That aspect of mileage between God and Earth is usually well rooted and grounded early on. The challenge for every God is generate the conditions for your Earth to accept you as God. That is where the showing and proving comes in.

The Black woman may be intrigued of appearances of God as man in history or in scripture. Yet what she is really waiting to see is the Supreme Being in the here and now in the current climate of the wilderness of North America. That is no small thing to show and prove. The Black man can ‘convince’ a whole bunch of people that he is God yet he shows and proves that he is God SUPREMELY via the Earth and the stars. THEY make Knowledge Born as to whether a God is true and living or not. It is through them that he shows forth and proves his Power. Though it is not the only way it is a major way in the here and now.

Electromagnetism is only one aspect of the sun. Shoot, attraction can happen due not only to the verbal manifestation of the mind. It can happen via clothes, jewelry, etc. There is also irradiation, meaning that one has to constantly be a source of mental elevation. There is gravitation which means that you have to constantly be a source of support.

The planet Earth is the home of Islam. A house is not a home. Any woman is not a home. The planet Earth is the HOME of I Self Lord Am Master. She is not a lodge (‘socialize’ a little and go over some degrees), an inn (in and out of her life with no warning), a bed a breakfast (hit it and run) nor a hotel (A ‘ho’ you meet and the ‘tell’ everybody about it).

It takes a lot of work to make a ‘house’ a ‘home’.


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Tahriem I. Rahe Allah said...


I appreciate the post God. I feel like this is a post is a response to an email I sent you via the email newhea...@com. When I sat back and did the knowledge to our cipher I had to accept the fact that I had not been on the job the way I should have been.

Today's math equality. Sincerely seeking and acquiring that knowledge, demonstrating and applying that which is learned or remembered to bring about what.... a clear insight into self and my universe.


Tahriem I. Rahe Allah
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