Sunday, October 30, 2005

We save babies

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I remember when I was little in the church. One of the scriptures that the ministers loved to quote was ‘with all you getting get Understanding’. Well today is the day of Understanding Cipher all being Born to Understanding. See things for what they are and not what they appear to be in your surroundings and your insight will continue to grow.

I acknowledge the works of many of the Civil Rights pioneers who faced conditions that many of us can only dream of today. I applaud Rosa Parks for many today who never even think of opposing corrupt authority (they rather talk about shooting each other yet that is another story…you ain’t hardcore!). Yet in the story of Rosa Parks I want to point out the hypocrisy of some within the Civil Rights movement. There was a woman, Claudette Colvin, who 9 months before Rosa Parks did the same thing. The movement was behind her UNTIL she became pregnant and was unwed. They didn’t want an ‘unwed mother’ as the poster woman for Civil Rights. This is why we as a Nation don’t jump on the band wagon of ‘marriage under the government’. Some of the notions that come along with it are straight porksh#t. Ideas such as denigrating the unwed mother (yet not the father) or a notion of an illegitimate child are a direct result of such an institution. The original man writes history in advance. When we write our own history lets not fcuk it up and edit to make everything ‘pretty’ and basically tell lies!

Still on my mission to drop it about EATING THE RIGHT FOODS! Spoke with the young son on WHY we don’t eat pork on any other sea or land scavengers. He knows that we don’t yet now it is time for him to come into an Understanding. When he realized that they are designed to eat anything and do and in turn we eat them he was disgusted. I put on some gloves and took some garbage out of the trash can. Asked him if he would eat it. When he made the full connection he was on the cusp of gaining an Understanding. In this day and time people confuse ‘having the right to do something’ with ‘doing what IS right or beneficial to their own well being’. With all that being said peep this article on ‘Fat America’. Also check this article on how at historical black colleges there is a push to fight college obesity. Finally check out how ‘fast food’ can destroy the cultural cuisine of an ethnic group. In treating your own health if you are a smoker of any kind or just into internal cleansing get yourself a neti pot for some good sinus cleansing. I bear witness that neti pot irrigation along with a dairy free diet clears up a lot of sinus and breathing problems heads be having.

Black woman, we (oh hell I) wanna see you back elegant, dressed in Refinement, and cultured down. Check out this article that highlights another negative effect of the ‘ice age bling age’ in dealing with materialism and high cost jeans.

I’d like to close on dealing with the babies. I would like to reiterate that a system that depends upon the labor and blind consumerism of the poor has ways that regulate and control the poor. One of these methods has historically been birth control. Look at this article dealing with just that subject. Also, though many have their views about abortion one subject that is not usually approached about the after effects of abortion on the mental/emotional well being of the parents. Due the Knowledge to how this is played out in the culture of the far east. It is very similar to practices of the Catholic Church making sure that the child’s ‘spirit’ is taken care of in the ‘afterlife’. Also of various groups of originals in the island of St. Martinique where a dead baby is ‘watched over’ and becomes an ‘angel’ upon death. From the standpoint of the Gods and Earths these are just psychological tools that are used to allay the guilt that comes along with the death/murder (considering your perspective) of a child.

The glory of doing for self! Check out Heal the Hood.

*update in The Science of Everything In Life.

The Blackman is still God. The Black woman is the Earth. The babies are the greatest!

‘One for the Gods, Two for the Earths, Three for the Seeds to which we give Birth!’
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