Friday, November 11, 2005

Heavy Mental

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Yes, it’s been a minute. Someone asked me the other day ‘where I’d been’ sarcastically and I answered, “When you have a child, work a full time job, go back to college, work on getting your business up and running, on the grind to find a new job, and do general poor righteous teaching…holla at me.” With all that said, the Blackman is still God, the Black woman is still the Earth, and the babies are still the greatest resource the original community has.

I was in a Cipher the other day and someone asked me why we memorize 120 degrees? The simple answer is so that you will never loose it. You will always have access to it. When you look at it ‘historically’ the Torah and written Koran were FIRST oral poetry then they were written down. In fact there are small segments of Jews and Muslims who memorize their respective texts nowadays.

Amongst Judaism there is a tradition of learning the Torah and other texts to corresponding musical notes.

Amongst Muslims one who learns to recite the written Koran is called a Hafiz.

It’s also a great mental exercise for mental growth and expansion. In this day and time where most people I Knowledge can hardly even remember a couple of phone numbers. Finally it is a testimony to a person’s degree of discipline, fortitude and perseverance.


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