Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mark your Calendars

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*There is a documentary being made about the Nation of Gods and Earths. Those whom are in the Nation that want to find out more here is some basic information:

“A Nation of Gods…” a documentary film
Taping/Casting calling on the Nation of Gods and Earths
Oct. 30, 2005
3:00pm - 5:00pm
@Harriet Tubman School
Learning Center (Gymnasium),
250 W. 127th Street (Harlem) New York, NY

Q– Who is the original man? A-the Asiatic Black man...What are the 12 Jewels of Islam...What is the 14th degree? Why is knowledge one? Wisdom two? Always knowledge before you speak... Never mock those who don’t understand, but give them teaching of understanding….Earth is 93,000,000 miles away from the sun...Calling your alike out of his righteous attribute is a form of disrespect… What is the value of the120? When did you obtain KOS?

This is an opportunity to properly represent the Nation’s teachings. Welcoming all Gods and Earths to come by and show and prove.
"A Nation of Gods..."
is a documentary film/work in progress by SunConjunctVenus Works Inc.
- a completely different kind of work

You can find out more information at the blogspot for the documentary.

*Check for this album Dreddy Kruger Presents…Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture. Here’s a direct quote from the article: I said, “I’m gonna do this Wu Tang, ‘cause the gods are the ones who brought me into this, so I wanted to keep that element in there.” More than a few Gods are on there Mcing and Producing.

*Do the Knowledge to this interview with RZA in Asia Pacific Arts entitled This, That, and the 'Other': The RZA on the Miscegenation of Hip-Hop.

*This is an ill research article on ‘anthropomorphism’ in ancient Sunni Islam. Otherwise known as ‘Allah in person’. For those who Knowledge my alike The Supreme Understanding Allah out of Allah’s Garden he has written extensively about this subject.

*I will be letting heads know through this blog about updates in my other blog Science of Everything in Life and the photo journal of my son I-Victory, Star Light Star Bright. Both have been updated as of the date of this writing.

BTW I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who dropped a note by my son’s online photo journal blog. I read each of your responses to him and he was just beaming. He begged me to put a new batch in there so I did Thank you.


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Brother OMi said...

thanks for the updates. our chapter of UZN has been working really close with the Gods and Earths down here. big things and i know we will meet.

stay up