Thursday, September 22, 2005


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My good brother ShaKing had a great post about Magnetic. In physics there are 4 classical ‘forces’ that bond the universe together; electro-magnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and gravity. We are just going to add on about electro-magnetism (Magnetic) and strong nuclear force. Magnetic is in short your ability to attract, your charisma, etc. With magnetism the unalike charges attract and the alike charges repel. Strong nuclear force is the force that binds atoms together on the sub-atomic level. With strong nuclear forces the unalike repel and the alike attract.

It has been said that when the unenlightened (85%) comes around the enlightened ( 5%) one of two things will happen; either the unenlightened will become enlightened or the enlightened will become unenlightened. With great power comes great responsibility.

As a righteous man I need to make sure that I am still able to reach those whom aren’t righteous. This is the attraction of the unalike. This is my magnetic. On this level I ‘repel’ the alike because I don’t have to ‘reach’ the righteous. We repel so that the Knowledge will spread.

Once you have attracted the unalike though there must be a change. It is ridiculous to attract the wicked and still have them be wicked around you. Strong nuclear force deals with foundation. If your foundation is strong then you can cause a change in the 85%. This means that now the alike attract and the righteous can now bond to Build greater molecules i.e. communities, projects, etc.

The foundation degree in part states that the Asiatic Blackman is the Maker, Owner, Cream of the Planet Earth, Father of Civilization and God of the Universe. This in summary is basically a declaration of responsibility. We are responsible for our magnetic as men. That is why when ‘rappers’ say they are not role models I cringe. Whether or not one is a role model is not up to debate. Whether one takes RESPONSIBILITY for being a role model is actually the true question.

During most of my 20’s I was involved in occupations that dealt directly with the youth (working to move fully back in that field now) from youth counselor, to youth program owner, to being the nationally recognized expert on college recruitment of college students for youth counseling jobs in the late 90’s. It is only recently that I have fully come to appreciate the effect that I have had on youth during those years.

There is a housing development in New Heaven right across from the train station that is called ‘The Jungle’. I worked in that development for a couple of years. During that time all of the youth that I worked with stopped eating pork and actually convinced some of their family members to stop eating pork. A few of them in later years actually joined the Nation. I saw a couple of them the other day that are doing well, have good jobs, and are raising strong families. One of the high school co-counselors that I had during those times is now running for alderman of one of the wards here in New Heaven. Some of those same youth from ‘broken homes’ and ‘unimaginable circumstances’ have graduated college. All of the above is not that amazing for me because stars are far off and if you have the third eye to see you can see the potential that they have to develop. What has been amazing to me personally is them coming back and stating to me that I was a major influence on their life.

Those whom are wise don’t give the people what they ‘want’ they give the people what they need and make it synonymous with what they want.


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