Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Justice aka J-Live

Justice aka J-Live
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I’ve been slow gassing on doing some of the God-Hop manifestations. So it is only right that with this renewal I reflect on my righteous brother Justice Allah aka J-Live.

The True School Teacher J-Live

J-Live came into prominence in the mid 90’s. This was after the other 3 major eras of the Gods in Hip-Hop (the ‘foundational’ era circa mid 70’s to early 80’s, the Golden Age era from the mid 80’s until the early 90’s, and the ‘Wu’ era that was initiated in the early 90’s). He entered the arena in the ‘underground’. He made his bones as a sound ‘true school’ MC. He was also successful in generating a great template for manifesting 120 via Hip Hop without the ambience of the black nationalism of the Golden Era or the ‘Streetology’ of the ‘Wu’ Era. He basically has created a Hip Hop format for the ‘Black Middle Class’ (don’t get it twisted though it relates to ALL classes) that exemplifies the values of the Nation of Gods and Earths. In his own words from issue 70 of Elemental Magazine he states:

Even to this day I see when cats try to come out on some music shit, they’re either filthy rich or filthy broke. There’s nobody in-between, there’s no hip-hop middle class. You don’t really get representation from cats that might have gone to school, or are holding down a steady job, or take pride in taking care of their fam, or take pride in not going all crazy on your woman. This is a music of the people, and there are more people out there than just what’s being represented in the mainstream. I’m just going to put my tow cents in and represent for the people that can relate to me.

Those who Knowledge the degrees will always see how he brings the degrees through his music whether overtly (such as in ‘9,000 miles’, ‘Get the Third’, or ‘Add a Cipher’) or through examination of political themes in other songs such as ‘Satisfied’. Even in the titles of each of his albums (which are portions of degrees in 120). The way that he presents it though is often in a fine mist so that one cannot detect it with the naked eye. He also is always on top of ideals such as education, relationships, and family.

Why the funk is J-Live relevant in Hip Hop today?

-He is a RIDICULOUS live performer. If you haven’t seen him live where he is rhyming WHILE cutting and scratching behind the turntables then you ain’t seen sh#t yet.
-He brings a great balance to the current batch of topics out there
-He is a lyricist’s lyricist
-He is very humble and approachable before and after a set
-The God truly cares about his wife and babies and DOES NOT hide it.
-He is only getting better
-He has something to say and knows how to say it
-He can navigate complex lyrics and simple lyrics without sacrificing a good song
-He is the true and living God. His tree is straight from Sihiem one of the first born of Medina
-As a Rocker and B-Boy I can appreciate the fact that he makes Hip Hop music that you can actually DANCE to instead of music that you just ‘bob your head to’ or ‘hold up the wall with’.
-You WILL see him at Nation events unlike many others who ‘duck’ the Gods and Earths though they be super God or Earth on wax

This is a partial discography. It does not include that various singles that he put out since 1995. Also, ‘The Best Part’ was bootlegged way before 2001 and out in the Free Cipher.

The Best Part (2001)
All of the Above (2002)
Always Has Been (2003)
Always Will Be (2003)
The Hear After (2005)


Brother OMi said...

a big fan of J Live. i have yet to get his new album. then again, i have gotten NO NEW HIP HOP for 2005
that will change this weekend

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Word. The fresh thing about J-Live is that you can ALWAYS find good vinyl. Along with straight MCs I've been mixing in the sets with just good old breakbeats, bogaloo, soul classics, etc.