Tuesday, September 20, 2005

In the Atmosphere

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Things are moving out there in the atmosphere. Here are some particles to do the Knowledge to:

-My good brother Dasun Allah has accepted the chief editor position at the Source Magazine. In light of all of the current controversy there much success to the God in bringing a new balance and perspective to the magazine.

-There is going to be a Rally in the Heartland (Hartford, CT) on Oct. 9th. This will be in conjunction with Day One Celebrations in C-Truth. Day One for our Nation was Oct 10, 1964. We commemorate it each year as the New Year for Allah’s World Manifest. We will be going into our 41st year. For more information regarding this Rally you can contact Shameek Allah in the Heartland at 860-796-7932.

-For those that remember my musings from during the time of the Show and Prove I was speaking about getting back to fighting/dancing weight. Well, I hit that mark. The God dropped Understanding Cipher pounds (study your by simpley eating one MEAL a day, eating before sunset, and increased exercise...what!.

-True Wise is still documenting the effects of Katrina down in the Gulf Region. Here is his latest observation.


Original People must become familiar with patterns of behavior on part of the government, so that we can better protect ourselves from the effects of their foolishness. This is especially true in dealing with trends unlikely to change through voting. Here are a few examples.

Bad Prioritization:

The Audubon Zoo has the highest altitude of any other location in New Orleans. So unlike the residents of housing projects, the zoo animals were well protected from flooding. In fact, only three zoo animals were killed during the entire event (two otters and one raccoon). Many people are still missing and dead bodies need to be identified; yet, various organizations have now launched efforts to save abandoned house pets. The news showed footage of people rescuing dogs, cats, and pot-bellied pigs.

Lack of Urgency:

One year ago, the threat of disaster to New Orleans was scientifically shown and proven. Scientists created a computer simulated model of a hypothetical “Hurricane Pam”. This research was done under the direction of Ivor van Heerden and included a large multidisciplinary team of scientists. The report was submitted to the Louisiana Board of Regents on December 21st 2004. Predictions were made for disasters on many levels revealing exactly what would happen if a hurricane hit New Orleans. This research found its way to FEMA. FEMA responded by acknowledging the strength and importance of the research, yet the government failed to increase the funding.

Unwise Risk Taking

Hurricane Katrina did not hit New Orleans dead on, it hit Mississippi. Had it not veered eastward in the last moments, the city could have been utterly annihilated leaving nearly no survivors. The system of pumps and levees were designed to withstand a category 3 hurricane. A simple cost/benefit analysis would show this to be a poor decision, because the city was actually ‘counting on’ a category 5 hurricane NEVER hitting! The current levees were only built in 1965, which was in response to hurricane “Betsy”.

Failure to Learn:

A long time ago, Galveston TX was a very large city. In the year 1900, a hurricane hit the city and devastated the city, similar to Katrina’s destruction to New Orleans. This is why Houston TX became such an enormous and important city; everyone fled from Galveston to Houston. Now Galveston is a “tourist town”. It is now being predicted that Black Rule (Baton Rouge) will become a large expansive city, leaving New Orleans to be a town similar to Galveston. But only time will let us tell.

TrueWise Allah



Brother OMi said...

for real, thanks for the info..its good to have a brother down there doing work for US...not THEM

I met Dasun Allah briefly a few years ago when i took a brother i had under my wing to Mecca. he is a wonderful brother and helped clear some things up between the NGE and UZN.

The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

Dasun Allah is cool as F!@#...Hella smart to...They needed to do that a long time ago...

Adisa Banjoko

P.S. One meal a day? OUCH...