Monday, September 19, 2005

The Heartland

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I traveled to the Heartland (Hartford, CT) this Sun-day to visit some of the righteous out there. I traveled with the ‘son of God’ my ‘brown seed’ I-Victory. As I learned growing up the best way to raise a child is just make sure that they are around their parents. Thus, as much as possible, I spend time with him.

When we got up to the Heartland we went to MLK projects to meet up with the God Scientific Born. While adding on with him the God Shameek showed up. He is the God who introduced Scientific Born to this Knowledge. It was good adding on with them. For those who don’t Knowledge, Scientific Born has been instrumental in teaching the youth in his projects chess. It was ill to see a young girl (aprox. 8 years old) and speak with him about chess.

From there we went over to the rest of Lord Sincere. I hadn’t gotten up with the God for a minute so it was good to see him and his family. My son and his oldest daughter (Adon Arabia) are the same age so when they together it’s straight like the Wonder Twins Zan and Jayana. I also hadn’t seen their new born Solena Zen in a minute. She’s like 9 months now and growing lovely. While there the New Born Knowledge came through. The Equality shown by all of the righteous in the Heartland was most peace.

While in the park in MLK projects I-Victory was brachiating (look up that 1 million dollar on the monkey bars. When he looked down he couldn’t get past two bars. When we changed his focus from the ground to straight ahead he was able to do the whole circuit. That got me thinking on the difference between and idea and a determined idea.

The last couple of weeks I have working through various problem. A problem is just an equation that needs to be mathematically worked out. An idea can just be a whim, a fleeting thought, etc. A determined idea is a worked out plan with will applied to it. Seeing it being worked out by my son was incredible. It gave me insight into my own plan of action; idea vs. determined idea.


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