Friday, September 23, 2005

Emotion: Energy in Motion

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I ain’t Spock from Star Trek. You know the Vulcan who thought ‘emotions were illogical’. What really went down is that the Vulcans SUPRESSED the emotions that would burst out during certain times in their lives and funk them all up.

When I first came into the Nation I was told that God doesn’t deal in emotions. As I grew my Understanding grew. I saw that God doesn’t get TRAPPED in emotions (‘six’). He elevates pass any emotional stagnation. Thus God deals WITH emotions and puts them in their proper place. That’s Wisdom Understanding; Proper action in order to see things as they are rather then as they appear to be.

Emotions are descriptions of the relationship between two people that is based on initial conditions, history and current circumstances. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with that. It is a baromenter. If the emotion is ‘uncomfortable’ then something needs to be done to ‘change’ the temperature/temperament.

I was speaking to some Christians today (note to all Christians PLEASE read your Bible before you attempt to go blow for blow with me as to what is in the Bible). They were attempting to convince me on how certain emotions aren’t ‘godly’. . I then went on to list the emotions of said mystery God.

He’s jealous (Deuteronomy 6:15)
He gets angry (Joshua 23:16)
He’s a MAN of war (Exodus 15:3)

I could go on and on yet you get the picture. He’s just not only ‘love’.

So examine your emotions. Realize when you are ‘wallowing’ too long in certain emotions. Get to the root or the WHY of certain emotions. Put them in proper order and perspective. Learn about brain over body and body over brain. Emotions: Energy in motion. Now just give it direction

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