Friday, August 12, 2005

Eat to Live..The Add on

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I have always been taught that each moment is a teachable moment.

I didn’t realize that my post on ‘Mo’nique would get so many responses both public AND private. It was brought to my attention that it was even the subject of a thread over at okayplayer. So I will ‘seize’ the moment and add on to my initial post.

I am always amazed on how many people will ignore the point that I am focusing on and bring in issues that I did not mention. Also issues that aren’t relevant or really related to the points that I am making. I want to mention this testimony before I drop some more bullet points.

My uncle John returned to the essence in the Spring. He was the youngest of my father’s brothers. My father is 84 and I still have to hide the snow shovel and lawn mower from him because he is that active. My uncle john was chronically obese and suffered from diabetes. He did not eat to live. Before he returned he had to have his legs amputated and his quality of life was shot. Obesity is a HEALTH issue.

-Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Yet there are areas where opinion doesn’t belong and isn’t relevant. This is one of them. You can have an ‘opinion’ that fire won’t burn your hand and tell people that yet that doesn’t change the FACT that it does. You either a) knew the truth and decided to LIE (“10%er”) or b) didn’t know the truth because you were ignorant of it (“85%er”). The effect that junk, fatty, fast, salty, etc..’food’ has on the body is not an OPINION. It is a researchable, observable FACT. The effect that said foods is having on our community is not an OPINION, it is a matter of public record.

-My post wasn’t an attack or even a discussion on self esteem. Self esteem and HEALTH are two different issues. Self esteem is mental perception. Health is one’s physical foundation. People ‘enhanced’ their self esteem during the 30’s-80’s by smoking cigarettes. They thought it made them appear sophisticated, glamorous, and ‘grown’. Now in these years we know the health risk of smoking (shout out to Peter Jennings) with voice boxes being removed, lung cancer and other complications.

-Did anyone else who watched the show notice that they were advertising DIET PILLS during some of the commercials?!!!

-There is a different between obesity, full figured, fat, etc. All of those types were represented on the show. Please don’t think that they are all the same There are actual MEDICAL definitions for obesity, being over weight, etc. One of the problems that I had with the show was that it did lump them all into the same category. They aren’t and some people are at a greater risk then others.

-No I ain’t an advocate of south beach diets, atkin diets, anorexia, nor bulimia.

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Brother OMi said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. it bothers me that folks will express their opinions based on foundations that are built with sand. and it bothers me that when someone makes a point, people fire back without listening.

you made a wonderful point and i felt you stated facts and not opinion. obesity and overeating is unhealthy. bottom line. that has nothing to do with self esteem. i work with young people and it bothers me that i see 5 to 6 year olds that weight 125 pounds!

C'BS ALife Allah said...

I have seen the same thing with children nowadays. I looked at childhood class pictures of my class and my siblings classes. There was maybe like one or 2 obese children in the photos every once and a while. I look at I-Victory's peers and see a vastly different picture.

One factor which I see different right off the back is the overall lack of activity with the youth. Cable wasn't really deep during the week so we only had cartoons during Saturday. After school we went outside. When I was young 'MTV' came into play so that now you had a few more teenagers inside during the week. Now you have all of the video games. I hardly ever see streetball games any more or running competitions.

Yeah, alot of us ate terrible yet we were active and that offset alot of what we were eating.