Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Right Foods Pt II

No Hog for the Small

The Nation of Gods and Earths has its own dietary practices like other Nations, religious groups, ways of life, etc. (we’ll get into the specifics of it in a later post). Contrary to popular belief our dietary law does not just include not eating pork though that is our primary focus. Raising a ‘porkless’ child in this environment is a challenge for any parent. Thus, my Earth and myself have made pork recognition a primary part of our son’s education.

He knows that he doesn’t eat pork. He also knows on an elementary level that it is a ‘filthy’ meat. We have developed a method though to increase his recognition of all forms of pork.

A good friend of mine, Ebony Serenity Earth, of Philadelphia, Pa let me know how there is a strong sunni-muslim culture amongst African Americans in Philly. She works in the school system. She made Knowledge Born that though many of the children know that they don’t’ eat pork they don’t know all of the forms of pork. Thus you’ll have a child who says he doesn’t eat pork yet will end up eating a pepperoni pizza because he doesn’t realize that pepperoni is a form of pork.

For I-Victory we have decided that we will supplement his Book of Life with a section on the ‘Right Foods’. In order to recognize bacon, and sausage, chitterling, salami, pepperoni or bologna we are doing a collage that will go in his Book of Life. On one side we will have pictures of a pig. In the second column we will have pictures of first the slaughtered meat, then the store ‘raw’ meat and finally a picture of the cooked meat so that he can see the whole process. We will repeat this for each form of pork. In this manner he will recognize the whole ‘birth’ process of different forms of pork and be able to ‘make the connection’.

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