Thursday, March 03, 2005

Feed them to some wild beast.

Many of our people live in the concrete jungle aka the inner city. Due to the environment they live a stressful and challenging life which is a jungle way of life. Some have fully fallen victim to the pressure and seek to emulate the beast of the field. Thus you have those who manifest the attributes of ‘bitches’, ‘dogs’, ‘dress in monkey suits’, ‘snakes’, etc..

Our children are constantly being fed to those who emulate wild beast because our children aren’t given the overall support and protection that is needed.

Over the past couple of weeks in C-Truth there have been 2 tragic events involving the youth. They both happened in the Heartland (Hartford).

The first event a 14 year old boy was stabbed to death while defending his mother in a McDonalds. A woman was arguing with his mother and the woman pulled out a knife to stab his mother. He tried to stop the argument and protect his mother. He was stabbed in the stomach and died.

In the second event an honor student was shot to death after a basketball game. He was 14 years old also. It was a case of mistaken identity.

When we aren’t able to empathize with the plight of the children of our own community it is no surprise that we aren’t able to identify with the plight of original people worldwide (such as the # of civilians being killed while ‘democracy’ is being ‘introduced’ to Iraq).

We have a mandate in our Nation to save the babies. The first step in that mandate is to become familiar with the babies. Do you…..

-know the children on your block by face and name?
-know the parents of the children whom your own child plays with?
-do the children know who you are?
-do you know the roles that people play in your neighborhood who live on your block?

Listen to ‘Save the Children’ by Marvin Gaye and then do it.

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