Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Divine Dinner

I just had to tag up the Blog space with the fact that my Earth, Shahada Vindia, made Vegetable Biryani for dinner. It was BANGIN’! The cooking of it made the whole home smell like an Indian restaurant. You can tell the love that was placed in the meal by the time and effort put forth. Also by the final resultsJ Dinner is the time that is set aside for the family to bond. We work to eat together; the universe is everything, sun, moon, and star; man, woman, and child. The ‘idiot box’ (television) can take a rest. People can ‘call back’ if no one answers the phone during that time (doesn’t everyone have an answering machine nowadays anyway). Take time to renew the day’s history at dinner. Learn what your significant other and child/children have accomplished on this day.

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