Saturday, February 26, 2005

God-Hop Pt. I

What is God-Hop? God-Hop is a term referring to the presence of the Gods and Earths in Hip Hop. Many essays about Hip Hop have utilized the term yet not ONE has referenced where the term originated. The term originated circa 1993 from Divine Ruler Equality Allah on the Allah’s Nation website ( It was a catch term utilized to reference those whom acknowledged their selves as God or Earth, those whom were studying, or just the general influence that the Nation has had on Hip Hop.

Since 1993 numerous scholars have written about ‘God-Hop’ yet much of their research is flawed due to them not referencing the SOURCE of these teachings. They often time classify a man or woman as God or Earth just because they say something remotely resembling the speech pattern of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Many times they are unable to tell the difference between a God or Earth, a ‘former’ God and Earth, or a Nation sympathizer. This is further complicated by their unwillingness to contact the true and living Gods and Earths. Most of the researchers of these articles NEVER call Allah’s School in Mecca, they NEVER interview prominent Nation members, and they NEVER even reference our Nation’s literature such as ‘The Sun of Man’ or ‘The Five Percenter’.
Their methodology is like that of an anthropologist. They report on us as though we are no longer around or worse, they report on us in the same manner that white people have reported on indigenous civilization for years…as though these civilizations could not speak for their selves.

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