Thursday, February 24, 2005

Right Foods Pt I

No Pork on the Fork or Swine in the Mind

It’s the new millennium and heads are STILL eating pork???!!!That sh*t is nasty. That beast is filthy. If you won’t take my word for it go take a nature hike to a farm and watch it in action. The pork just ain’t good for you in any shape, form or fashion. Here be some bullet points to consider:

-Out of the land animals that are most often consumed in the United States (beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey being the others) it is the only animal that is an omnivore which means it eats anything. It is a scavenger also.-It has ducts at the base of its legs that constantly let out puss. You can feed it practically anything (garbage, poison, etc..) and it won’t die.

-The Bible and Koran has prohibitions against eating it

-Why the funk would you eating something that has to be ‘cured’

-And for those who say that ‘cooking it kills the tricnosis worm’ why the funk do you want to eat cooked WORMS??!!!’re a Christian and don’t think that the ban on eating pork applies to you? Read “The Hog: Should It Be Used For Food” by C. Leonard Vories and Christian minister

-African Americans are more prone to high blood pressure. It may be a genetically selective trait ( so stop eating salt ‘cured’ pork duh.

-Cysticercosis (tapeworm egg infection) is the primary type of parasitic infection of the brain. Also the .1 cause of seizers world wide is due to Cysticercosis-Want to know more about Cysticercosis? Read “The Woman with the Worm in her Head”

-The rate of Cysticercosis is so high in the Hispanic community that they automatically check for tapeworm infection if they come into the doctor’s office with certain symptoms.

-Chitterling??!!! You mean you won’t kiss a womans feet or eat her out yet you will eat where pig sh*t passes through!!!! PLUS you have to clean it first with bleach??!!!

-Most likely the pig was domesticated NOT for food. It was probably domesticated to be a living trash disposal unit (want to know more about this hypothesis? I wrote a paper on it and can send you a copy…just e-mail me)

-Pork SKINS???!!! Have you ever felt raw skin? What are you Hannibal Lecter?

-it’s a glutton. It won’t stop eating unless you stop eating it taking in all of those toxins, viruses, parasites, bacteria, garbage, feces, decaying flesh, and eating its own young sometimes. It has a high fat ratio and fat is where the toxins dwell in. A lot of the ‘meats’ from the pig such as bologna, bacon, etc..are all fatty

-The two most played out excuses:

‘we’re all going to die’—then why don’t you just shoot yourself now…hmmm‘

my grandmother ate pork and lived to be a gizillion’---well my uncle Charlie got a bum leg and lived to be a bagizillion…what’s the point. We work to be living at the freshest level (quantity (age) AND qualitity)

'You're full of sh*t like sausages'-C Truth ( C-Rayz Walz)
'That's some cat, rat and dog food'-Allah Justice (GZA)

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