Sunday, July 31, 2005

Save the Babies

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I was really looking forward to the weekend. It was eventful. Here are some of the highlights:

-The TSB (The Soul Brothers) Crew (Historic Fresh Graf Crew out of C-Truth) had an art exhibit out of Channel 1 in New Heaven. My man Swerm was there (who in addition to being an ill aerosol artist; was a founding member of the Fish Fry (a freestyle fellowship that got together to rip it once a month, I myself was a member), lives around the corner from me, and still has my copy of that book on Graf legend The legendary Dooley-O was on the 1 and 2s. As long as I can remember he has been holding it down for C-Truth Hip Hop. I took the whole fam there. I-Victory took the time to show off his top rock, 6 step, and an ill K-kick that I didn’t Knowledge he knew how to

- My righteous brother Sha-King just mentioned on watching movies with your 3rd eye open. I just watched Dead Presidents again. It was interesting to really dig into it this time. I was totally absorbed in the whole science of having a definition of what it means to be a man in this society and then not having the opportunity to achieve that definition.

-The July rally in Medina is dedicated to the Children (known as Children’s Day). The Gods of Medina established this back in the day. On this day the focus is for our Children. I was unable to make it to Medina during this year’s Children’s Day yet we made sure to still celebrate it at home. We had to let I-Victory know that this day is all about him and other children. We spent a portion of the day at Goffe St. Park in New Heaven (the back corner being a crack den in the 80’s and a heroin/pcp den in earlier years) which has been cleaned up. He was not shy about telling other children that this was ‘their day’. Goffee St. Park is also where the first regular rallies in New Heaven took place. Also went over his Supreme Mathematics as well as additional color book mathematics to put in his book of life.

-WTF is it with pork rinds? There are literally 25+ types of pork rinds at the corner store. More then types of potato chips! I’ve also noticed that they stay on the shelf a long time. There are people who eat them yet no where near the level that eat potato chips.


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