Friday, July 29, 2005

Garbage Disposal

Originally uploaded by ALifeAllah.
Many may be familiar with the thought that the pig was grafted (domesticated) in order to be a living garbage disposal. Anyone who grew up on a farm or is familiar with farm life can see how this could be true. Further research will reward you with more gems on the subject.

Nowadays it is illegal to feed a pig UNCOOKED garbage yet if you cook it up you can feed it to the pig. In fact, my Earth made KNowledge Born about this license that you can get in C-Truth. WTF??!!!

On another note the Earth and myself are developing small experiments that we can do with I-Victory so that he can gain an Understanding WHY he doesn't eat scavengers such as the pig, lobster, shrimp, etc...

The experiments are still in development yet we are thinking of stressing the devouring of filth by all of the above animals. We are also going to probably do a meat spoiling experiment with the swine where maggots come up out of it. We may also do a disection with shrimp next to a roach to show the similarity.


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