Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sol Music

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No the Gods don't only 'Rule in Hip Hop'. Even before the popularization of Hip Hop the Gods were making their presence known in the music industry. One of the groups in which the Gods were present was G.Q. known to the Gods as 'God's Quintessence'. Amongst G.Q. were the Gods Rahiem and Sabu. Y'all who know your music have to know 'Disco Night (Rock Freak)' (cause that's the sh#t). Other hits that you may know are 'I do Love you' and 'Sitting in the Park'.

Just a little history. Kcuf it. I'm going to go play Disco Night now.


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The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

Hey, you have that FEDS with Bam in it and that old school 5% cat?

I can't find one out here...

Any chance you could break down some of the conversations?

I heard the 5% and the UZN were not always that cool...

I was wondering if that was touched on and why that might have been?