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'Latino' Gods and Earths

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A while back I explored 'Latino' Gods and Earths in the Nation. This is the piece that I wrote regarding that topic. It was written specifically for a Nation audience so some terms may be ambigious to some. Here is the article

Walking Amongst 2 Million Indians:
The Experience of Gods and Earths of “so called” Latino Lineage.


Since our inception during Year One the Nation of Gods and Earths has been no stranger to Gods and Earths of so called Latino Lineage. This is no mystery seeing that the demographics in various parts of New York and urban cities reflect a strong “Latino” (2 million Indian) population. Not many are aware of this portion of history and present day reality of our Nation.

In examining the experiences of Gods and Earths of “Latino” lineage in our Nation it is important to take note of how they are perceived by our Nation, how they perceive themselves, and how they are perceived by 85% of the population. It is important to take note of this because many of us in our Kingdoms walk amongst the 2 million Indians. We walk amongst them in Yacub’s World Manifest and in Allah’s World Manifest. In order to activate the Understanding degree of the Student Enrollment we must add on the 2 million Indians to the 17 million Original people in order to make sure that Knowledge is Born complete.

Discussion of this topic must be taken with the utmost care for some may take it as an excuse to encourage separation. Some may say that it doesn’t matter. In reality a person’s ethnic lineage is just another attribute of their person like their occupation, skills, or economic class. We know that they are all Original People and that the Black, Brown and Yellow Seeds are one. The more we study, the more we come to universally Understand every square inch of our Nation.

Our Understanding of all Original People being one is shown through how we receive Original People of ethnic groups that aren’t usually considered Black. 85% of the population classifies only the so called African American as being Black yet those of the 5% knowledge that the Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man and is one in the same. Thus all Original People are Asiatic and Black.

I asked several Gods and Earths of “Latino” lineage if they were met with the perception that they were not Black amongst the Nation of Gods and Earths. All of them reported that they basically were received in the same manner in which they presented themselves. Therefore it was their Understanding of themselves at that time which was the deciding factor.

“My 1st Rally I was greeted by God Zyhier Allah with “Peace Blackman”. It showed to me unity and a love and respect for Black, Brown and Yellow. I felt at home. Especially being a high understanding seed”, says Sha-King Ceh’um Allah.

“There was one instance when a God did insult me by incoherently building on the faults of the “yellow seed.” I thought of this more in line with the God’s limited knowledge of his brothers and their initial conditions. I view this as the “growing pains” we face as brothers and sisters in order get to know each other over time. By acknowledging the vast amounts of builders within this Nation, I see that certain members isolate themselves when they choose to isolate others they perceive as different”, expressed I-Born Justice Allah.

Many times the type of greeting they received I learned was predicated on the fact that many did not detect with the naked eye that they were of “Latino” lineage. All of the Gods and Earths interviewed by me relayed that they were only made to feel other then God or Earth only by those whom didn’t know any better. The preceding two quotes reflects this.

My family is full of Knowledge and Brown seeds. My old dad is a brown seed, my old earth an Understanding seed, however I was taught in my Kingdom that I was Black...B.U.T. that was only for the purposes of being Puerto Rican because once I revealed I was God my old earth told me it was a “black thing”. I just had to show and prove for them t give their approval even though in their mind a blackman and a black Puerto Rican are two separate entities. So I asked my old Earth why does the devil call our people Puerto Ricans and why did our name change from Taino to Flores? Why did the name change from Boriquen to Puerto Rico? She didn’t have a clue. So my final question was how can you be such a proud woman and not know that history.

Lord Said Allah

Seeing that their reception by the Nation at large was influenced by how they saw themselves I asked them how did they reconcile their ethnic group with the Understanding of seeing themselves as Black. Some reached the epiphany that they were Black before stepping to the Gods and Earths while for others it was/is an ongoing process of re-definition. Most relayed that it was their interaction with white people that first led them to the Understanding that they weren’t white.

“Because I’m so light some people thought I was Italian, but I would tell them I was Puerto Rican, so called African American would be like “oh OK, cool, you one of us then. Ah spigga (spic nigga)”. White people would treat me totally different once they found out that I wasn’t Italian. That’s when I learned I was unalike them, even though they may have looked similar, they knew and I knew”, states Sha-King Ceh’um Allah.

The mentioning of mental growth was a common theme. It was constantly reiterated that it was a process coming to the point of seeing themselves as Black. Ethnicity is a subset of the all-encompassing state of being Black. Societal norms separate one group from another yet this doesn’t separate the original people whom know that they are Black.

It may almost seem a natural progression that once one acknowledges themselves as an Asiatic Blackman or woman that they must no longer reference their specific ethnic lineage. The reference point moves from separate entities to the focus on the one. I asked them about the reconciliation of these two modes of thought and perception. Do they "“deny" their lineage? Do they “down play” it?

“I work to research my lineage and exemplify all aspects of it. My Indian heritage is import to me as it is indigenous to where my family was manifested and lived. I see the “African” being important too, and also being part of that indigenous population”, explained Shahada Vindia Earth.

Lord Said Allah relayed, “Emphatically Now Cipher. Power Rule to me is my heritage. Islam is not only my identity b.u.t. my way of life. There is nothing to down play. I see a lot of Gods who shy away from their lineage and there is no need to.”

All in all it was present that God or Earth is the reference point. What is most dominant in their lives are the aspects of this Nation’s Culture. The Universal Flag is the highest Flag raised upon any other Nation’s standard. May of them pointed out though that they wouldn’t be able to reach the blind, deaf and dumb amongst so called Latinos UNLESS it was evident that they were of said lineage. They thus use it as a tool to go in there and bring the message that Blackman is God to them.

As of right now I have not encountered too many negative responses from other Latinos. I have encountered the usual, “you trying to be Black now?” comments, but the most responses that I get are more along the lines of…”Oh, so you on that Wu-Tang stuff now?”

Asu Sham Allah

The notion that the Blackman and “Latinos” are different people is something that is taught by the devil to keep us separated from one common cause. In actuality comparing an ethnic group against another’s genotype is like comparing apples and oranges. While from the 85% perspective it appears as though Gods and Earths of so called Latino lineage are trying to be something that they are not (black) in reality they are being their own selves and see beyond limited constructs such as geography. They have connected themselves back to the universe and are once again Universal

Several groups in the “Latino” community may challenge the declarations of a God or Earth of the said lineage. It can be just the “common Latino” or it can also come from the “progressive nationalist groups.” Once again the Gods and Earths let me Knowledge that it is THEY who set the tone and perception. The Gods and Earths define reality. Others do not define them.

As the God Wise Be Allah said, “Those that see me doing positive things do not care who I say God is for they know that we work together to see our people uplifted. For those that think that this revolution and change can only come with the help of a mystery God, they are sadly mistaken and we do not Build for they are too concerned with what I Knowledge and what they believed.”

Not only do we know that they are also original people, THEY know that they are original people.

I didn't figure out how yet to transfer the footnote markings into the html yet without doing each individual marking. Below are the footnotes for the article. See if you can detect where they match up with the above

-In this article so-called Latino and “Latino” in quotes will be utilized. This is done not as a means of disrespect. It is done to highlight the fact that the term “Latino” is no different then African-American. It is a term given to people of said lineage by the Colored man. As such it is related to the God degree of the 1-14.
-Year One’s official starting date is October 10th, 1964
-Such as Kendu Islam Allah who pulled the switch at the crematorium at Allah the Father’s funeral, sister Carmen whom has been referred to as the first woman to be called Earth in the Nation, Allah Sha-Sha, Allah Calib Allah, etc..
-Ethnic being a designation of division amongst people based on customs, characteristics, language, etc..


Brother OMi said...

dope piece again. i thank you..

for footnoes: what you should do is type it in word with the footnotes in them. cut and paste just the text and the footnotes will come in automatically. the only thing is that blogger does not use superscript so you would have to go back and place the numbers in parenthesis'

truearth said...

Peace Allah,
I enjoyed the article. However my lingering question while reading was "Is there any other God than the Original Asiatic Blackman?" What is a Latino God or Earth?
All the brothas and sistas who knowledge this must only see themselves as original asiatic black men and women and if they don't they are separating themselves.