Sunday, July 03, 2005


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This the remix (not no Puffy remix. This is some Pete Rock / PE shut ‘em down remix). The final cosmetic Refinements will be happening all during the week (been a minute since I tinkered around with the html) yet the basic additions are up. There is a space for Nation Blogs in which I’ve added the Blog of my Earth whom is recounting her journey into the surgical tech field. I also added an additional blog, The Science of Everything in Life, of my own that deals with store-housing information that is relevant to the Gods and Earths. There is everything from links to eating, head wrapping, research on the Nation, etc. There is a space for non-nation blogs from some of my peoples out there. Be sure to check them as they B droppin’ it! There is a section for worldwide news that I will be adding more to yet those sites give you the stuff that you ain’t going to see on ABC, CBS, and NBC. There is a set of links that deal with Nation sites or Nation influenced sites (got some MCs up there that may or may not still be part of the Nation). Put up a link for people to directly subscribe to the blog to.

Now don’t by pass the article that I put on about ‘Latinos’ in the Nation of Gods and Earths. Also make sure that you are continuing to do the Knowledge to the blogs of my brothers and sisters in the Nation. They are definitely giving a perspective which hasn’t been out there in mass before.

Finally, my man Adisa is releasing his book. Do the Knowledge below. He is definitely one of the cats that get all up in there and just brings it. I appreciate the candor at which he has approached this whole Hip Hop thing.

PR Contact: Mieko of ShinKen Public Relations
West Coast Rap Author Teams Up with DJ Mike Relm and Balance for New Book ”Lyrical Swords vol. 2: Westside Rebellion” MP3
Critically Acclaimed Lyrical Swords Author Tells the World “Be down now, or bow down later!”
San Jose, CA, June 24th, 2005: YinSumi Press, the world’s first publishing house dedicated to documenting the social and political trends in the Hip Hop sub culture, is proud to announce that author Adisa Banjoko, DJ Mike Relm and Balance will release a powerful CD to accompany the release of “Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion”. The book and CD will drop Oct., 1st 2005 on YinSumi Press. To download a sample MP3 of Adisa Banjoko’s Harvard lecture on “Islam, Hip Hop and Black America” featuring Balance w/ various beats and blends by DJ Relm: LISTEN HERE!!
“Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion” looks at the difference in philosophy and strategy between Hip Hop on the east coast and west coast. “People forget that the west coast is the home of the Black Panthers and the Brown Beret’s. When the courts fail to serve justice to the people out west, we riot. That’s why Tupac said ‘Only in Cali do we riot not rally, so live and die’. From Ice Cube to Tupac, Paris and Kam, we have a ton of strong conscious rappers. But the standard myth is that the only conscious rappers come from the east. No doubt our east coast brothers set the standard. But like everything else in Hip Hop, we have our own unique way of being politically active.”
Additional tracks from Balance and San Jose’s Jay the Butcher and Shamako Noble be featured on the CD for “Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion”.
“In truth, the CD is a tribute to Keith LeBlanc’s “No Sell Out” from back in 1983. It’s a tribute to Malcolm X and LeBlanc. When we tell you that you have not heard anything like this before, we mean it. The artistry by which Relm rocked the blends of my lecture with Hip Hop is beyond amazing. To be on the same team as Balance on a mixtape is just an honor in itself. When it comes to ‘Lyrical Swords Volume 2: Westside Rebellion’, people can either be down now, or bow down later. But the rebellion is on!!” said Banjoko.

In addition the book “Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion” will feature previously unreleased interviews from the late 80’s and early 90’s with artists such as Master P, Mac Mall, Run D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay, Luniz, Paris, Young Black Teenagers, Slick Rick, Tragedy Khadafi, Spice One, Gangstarr, and many others.
Other dynamic social and political commentary on issues facing today’s youth will also be included. A sample MP3 of DJ Mike Relm’s mix can be heard right now at!



Brother OMi said...

thanks be for the info... i passed your blog to my brother Rasheed Allah in Norfolk, VA

Omowale the Wise said...

I peeped the spread, where it says "click here" to hear a part of the lecture, it's not a link. Could you drop that for me, please?