Tuesday, July 19, 2005

From West to East

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My righteous brother The Supreme Understanding Allah is a world traveler. He is always traveling the world from Puerto Rico to Thailand to England to Ghana and beyond. He has also traveled all across the states. This right here is his Travelogue from his latest trip to England and Ghana.

Peace Nation,
This is the Supreme Understanding Allah. Having recently returned
from travels through England and Ghana, I thought I should share some
of my observations.
The order of the day in London and surrounding areas for Original
People is assimilation. I witness more mixed-race couples there than
I had in the streets of any other city I've visited. London is
exceedingly diverse, and there is a great amount of cultural variety,
but primarily it is in terms of available dining choices. Otherwise,
Original People in metropolitan London, especially those who were 2nd
or 3rd generation descendants of immigrants during colonial rule, had
assimilated to the point of losing all traces of their own cultural
identity or heritage. Even in the rougher neighborhoods I visited
like Brixton, poor Blacks resided alongside and ran with poor whites.
It was almost as if they were unaware of any color lines. Meanwhile,
Blacks are increasingly discriminated against daily in the UK,
according to my research. I linked up with the god Sincere Wise
Allah, who publishes the online journal Black 7. The god briefed me
on some of the issues affecting the Nation in the UK, many of which we
also grapple with here in the states. Through him, I got in contact
with the god who brought knowledge to the UK, Knowledge Scientific
Cipher Allah. The god, based in Birmingham, England, runs a record
label and recording studio which provides training to youth coming out
of the justice system in Birmingham. Birmingham is quite different
from London in many ways. The neighborhoods are segregated; whole
streets are occupied by immigrants from individual countries and
regions. The housing projects there are known as Councilor's Estates,
and my travels there reminded me of the hoods back home considerably.
Young girls pushing strollers with blonde weave in their hair and
gold teeth, young brothers selling drugs in front of convenience
stores and ducking police. There is even a serious gang problem
there, resulting in murders and other violence. Apparently, the devil
has managed to insert drugs and guns into this community to propel the
murder rate amongst the poor Black youth there. In Binmingham, the
young claim allegiance to one of two gangs, while in London, the youth
identify with their geographical orientations within London (ie North
East, etc). The youth claim that they are involved in the drug trade,
which inherently involves guns and violence, because they emulate the
lifestyle they see perpetuated in American hiphop music and videos.

I left for Ghana a week or two before the "terrorist" attacks in the
area. I immediately found a small hotel far from the tourist hotspots,
costing about $10 a night for a very basic room with a bath and a fan.
$1 US equals about 9,000 cedis in their money. So our money
translates exceptionally well there. Unfortunately, very few Original
People from the US go there. Naturally I was stopped and searched
several times on my way there and back at the airports, and told only
that it was an unlikely destination for an American tourist to pick.
I was in Accra for a week, travelling between the capital city and the
small town of Kosoa to build with two brothers who I quickly enrolled
as my students. There are now two Gods in West Africa with knowledge
of self, and two others whom I am building with. In Ghana, I quickly
distinguished who I could build with by asking them about their view
of Jesus. You see, in Ghana, and throughout most of Christian Africa,
Jesus is represented as a white man. While there is a strong
Rastafarian presence in Ghana, and a small Hebrew Israelite presence
in Accra, I couldnt find a single picture of Jesus with original
features. When asked about it, people either self-identified as 85%
(eg "I dont know what color he was, Im sure he wasnt Black, though"),
or as 5% (eg "thats the white man's Jesus, thats how he tricked our
people"). The 10% (government and the preachers) meanwhile are
getting very rich and living in luxury in this poor country. So I
taught daily. I left Accra after a week and visited Cape Coast, where
you can some of the infamous slave castles where they held Blacks
before shipping them off. I walked into one of the cells where they
held the rebellious ones to die...i could sense the history of death
and pain in that room immediately. I went north to Kumasi thereafter,
then further north and visited the city of Tamale where the Muslim
population is much higher. Still, the white man is God there.
Finally, went to Mole National Park where you can walk through the
woods and observe the elephants, antelope, warthogs and monkeys in
their natural environment. Interesting note: Gloger's law dictates
that any mammal born near the equator will be dark or black-skinned.
African elephants, though you may have seen them as grey or brown, are
actually black. I know because I watched them bathe and wash
themselves, then recover themselves with a coating of dirt and mud to
protect their skin from the Sun's rays. Upon returning to Accra, I
promised to continue communicating with my students there, and obliged
them to teach others. I am calling on the Nation here to help support
and develop the Nation there. Any books, or correspondence you'd like
to send, please notify me, and Ill make arrangements. You can also
contact them by email or phone. At any rate, if you are interested in
visiting West Africa, Ghana is where to go. Many of the people are
ready for this knowledge, there are plenty of opportunities to make
money (provided you come with some), and there is enough useful land
for as many as we can bring.
The Supreme Understanding Allah


Brother OMi said...

thanks for the knowledge, its great to get FIRST HAND information that you don't see on the BBC

thanks again for the blog. i hipped my brother Rasheed Allah to it last night

Omowale the Wise said...


I spoke with a brotha from Senegal yesterday. His take on the whole thing was that the struggle, as well as, the passion for HipHop is the same there as it is here.

Justice said...

Pece to the God

My man Supreme Understanding, world wide coast to coast keep doing you thing lord, PEACE!!!