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World Famous

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It ain’t nothing more refreshing then waking up in the morning, going to work and hearing the day’s Supreme Mathematics on the airwaves. Those whom are in the Tri-State area or in the radio market for should be familiar with the Star and Bucwild show. For those whom aren’t familiar with the show you are behind the times and you must take time to do the Knowledge. The show is definitely sparking thought and discussion of things that ain’t happening anywhere else.

What is refreshing about the show is that it really doesn’t cater to any favorites. Everybody is fair game. The closest that one can get to a ‘favorite’ is a general sense of mutual respect. This is what I have observed in the relationship between the Nation and the show.

The DJ for the show is none other than DJ DX 21 Krazo whom is Dasun Allah whom has written extensively for the Village Voice. They give Dasun the space to drop the day’s Supreme Mathematics each morning. On Wednesdays they bring on Born Justice Allah whom is highlighting an idea that is a collaboration between him and Star of the show. It is entitled Know The Ledge. It is a youth intervention program that is geared to showing children the consequences of bad choices so that they don’t end up in the penitentiary system. For more information about this program e-mail
One reason that this is refreshing is because it brings things full Cipher. Now some may be familiar with the Mariah Carey song ‘Hey DJ’ yet true school alumni recognize that song was originally done by the WORLD FAMOUS SUPREME TEAM (Just Allah the Superstar and C Divine the Mastermind) whom are also responsible for such hit as D’ya like Sratchin’, Build/Add on, and World Famous. Many know of them via their collaboration with Malcolm McLaren of Buffalo Girls fame. Yet they were WORLD FAMOUS before that in terms of their contribution to Hip Hop.
They worked at the first Hip-Hop Station in the World (WHBI -in Newark). In fact you can do the Knowledge to a few of their show at this site. They were on early in the morning dropping science between songs, singing the Nation anthem ‘The Enlightener’, and basically giving the first strong radio presence of the Nation. I ‘wasn’t there’ (I was still in C-Truth and mad young) yet I have heard many old tapes from back in the day. In one interview with Q-Tip he expresses how his first exposure to even the word Allah came via the World Famous Supreme Team on those early morning show. A lot of youth in the inner city, whom may now identify as muslim, became exposed to such terminology from the Nation. In fact, if you check a lot of the interviews with the God MCs from the Golden Era of Hip Hop such as Brand Nubian and others, you will find that they all make Knowledge Born about the World Famous Supreme Team.
Troy Smith whom is a mix tape collector/archivist has some commentary on a few of his tapes that feature the World Famous Supreme Team. Here they are:

116- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-22-1982 (Note: The Supreme Team show was ran by C Divine the Master Mind and Just Allah the Superstar and on this show The Force M.C.s are in the house doing there thing and some brothers from Jersey City known as Sweet Slick and Sly are in the studio doing there thing and the shows just bring back some memories.60min.
117- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-24-1982 (Note: Just Allah the Superstar does his routine called "Enlighten." I for got they also played Soul songs from the seventies on there shows and there doing it here.60min.
118- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-?-1982 (Note: The Force M.C.s are representing again. My projects the Grant Projects is given a shout out, and at that time Grant was called GODS PROJECTS by the 5 Percenters, and they had very strong following in there at that time. Also The Earth Neffertiti of GODS PROJECTS gives a shout out of love to her GOD L-Sun. Some other fool is giving a shout out, is cut off just before he says something very embarrassing.)60min
Here’s his site here.

Also he has an interview with Steve D of the Force MCs/MDs reflecting on his interaction with the Just Allah and C Divine.
Notice the time line of their influence. They were ‘dropping science’ well before the official Golden Age. Respect those architects.

*Bonus for the true B-Boys.
DJ Born Supreme Allah who worked with Chuck Chillout and Kool Dj Red Alert. He put out an ILL track called ‘2,3 Break (pt II the Sequel)’ which was part of a trilogy. He also put out ‘Hip Hop on Wax’ pt 3 (pts 1 was put out by Chuck Chillout and pt 2 was by Kool DJ Red Alert). It was just straight 808 drum patterns. Ridiculous.

Finally peep this article on Saigon from Cedric Muhammad where he expresses his respect for Allah.



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bout time you talked about the Supreme Team. As a youngblood I had the chance to hear them.. miss them and no one has done it like them every since

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My name is Troy L. Smith from the website known as and i want to thank you for giving me and the site i represent props. now stay on the look out at for a hopefully great story on your man Se Divine the Master Mind. I hope you enjoy it as much as i have enjoyied interviewing him. peace Troy L. from HARLEM, One

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The Story Is Up of Se Divine The Master Mind Of The Supreme Team at