Saturday, July 23, 2005

Resting on the 7th Day

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-With more bombings in Love Divine (London) here in the states ‘homeland security’ made a big media play by showing how they were doing random bag checks on the subways and train system. The other day I saw the front pages of both NYC papers. They had pictures of cops searching bags on both covers. You guessed it. Both pictures were pictures of white cops searching the bags of original men. What a surprise. I hope Timothy McVey didn’t pass them by.

-Cantonese noodle soups are incredible. The Earth and myself hit this restaurant, Ivy Noodle this week. I had a thick spinach noodle vegetable soup while the Earth had a chicken noodle soup in coconut milk. Ridiculous.

-I have like 1001 things to say adoption as it refers to white people adopting original children (‘white guilt, legacy of colonization, etc…shoot…check the movie Rabbit Proof Fence
) though I won’t go into them now. I will say this though…if you are white and you adopt a black girl please learn HOW TO DO HER HAIR. I can’t count the times that I seen this. They treat her hair as though it is of the white phenotype and it ain’t. They don’t even relax it or press it and they definitely don’t learn how to teach them to wear it naturally. They wash it everyday and just try to comb or brush it. Please, go to a black woman at your job or pick up a book. The only white women whom I have consistently seen been able to deal with black adopted children are Italian women or Jewish women whom both have a similar curly/kinky hair phenotype.

-If you claim that you are God in the Nation learning 120 is not ‘optional’. I don’t know where that crap came from. If you ‘think’ that please just leave me alone.

-The current issue of F.E.D.S. magazine
(#17) is a great issue. It has an interview with Allah B (an elder in our Nation who got Knowledge in 1964 AND has a great history with the Nation). The article is entitled ‘The Love that Hate Couldn’t Destroy.’ Being that it is not a ‘mainstream’ magazine it asks questions that other periodicals wouldn’t. Because they don’t ask the ‘safe’ questions they get some nice things out there that ‘aren’t the same’. They ask about the relationship of Allah with Malcolm X, did we have beef with the Universal Zulu Nation, was Allah violent, etc… There is also a great article about the Universal Zulu Nation in the same issue (the same reporter) who also goes there with the UZN such as ‘did the infinity lessons come from 120 degrees’, was there beef between the two organizations, etc..

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Brother OMi said...

yo Rabbit proof Fence is ill. i suggest you read "of water and Spirit" but Malidoma Patrice Some...

thanks for the plug on FEDS...