Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Charlie Murphy

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Being that Hip Hop is one of the main vehicles by which knowledge of the Nation spread many are under the impression that the majority of Gods or people whom were influnced are in Hip Hop. What many don't realize is that pre Hip Hop the influence of the Nation already saturated NYC into the tri-state area. In fact alot more people were influenced by this way of life then is commonly known. Here is a post I posted a while back in another forum.

So, I'm reading this issue of F.E.D.S. (Finally Every Dimension
of the Streets). I'm reading this article about Charlie Murphy (ya
know¦Eddie Murphy's older brother currently of the Rick James sketch
fame..'darkness'). I get to this part in the interview:

”Was that the end of your life on the street?
Nah. By the time I was in the 8th grade, all the niggas who thought
they were hard started a gang, the Pythons. That led up to us doing
criminal acts-the armed robberies and burglaries. At that time, I
became a Five Percenter. When I joined it, it co-existed with this
other activity I was doing, so my mother just grouped it all together.”

Who would've thunk it? Now imagine him in those ice grill parts that
he plays sometimes on the Chappelle show asking someone 'What's
today's Mathematics son!" lol.

C'BS ALife Allah


Brother OMi said...

who would have thought? i need to suscribe to FEDS mag. is it still around..?

The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

that is hella funny!!! he has a hard edge to him though....youcan tell all that anger is not acting....LOL!!!

Thabestpart said...

Charlie Murphy influence from the NGE is not suprising.Lord's Island has a strong presence of the nation.Roosevelt and Freeport has had an impact of the Gods and Earths migrated from the other boroughs in the late 70's.