Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Show and Prove 2005

First off, it’s always hot at the Show and Prove and this year was no different. I know I lost some water weight.

The distance between New Heaven and Mecca is approximately 90 miles. So on a good day we can make it there in an 1 ½ hours. I always get up early on the day of the Show and Prove. The Earth had to work plus she had to study for her exam on the next day (she graduates this Friday) so she stayed behind. This was the first Show and Prove that we didn’t roll as the complete sun, moon and star. My man C’Brown (who has finally returned to his study of 120 degrees) decided to take the journey with us. The ride always gives us time to get our mind right and get mentally focused. We had the ice water and the fruit in the car to make sure that everyone was physical right and exact for the hot day.

When we pulled into Mecca about a block away from Harriet Tubman school we saw the God Scientific Born Allah from the Heartland (Hartford, CT) walking down the street. We all connected an trekked down toward the school. In front of Harriet Tubman we saw the crowd swelling. The Asiatic bazaar was already in full effect. I usually wait until I view all of the products before I drop any gold yet this one God had some items that I couldn’t pass up on. We ran into more Gods from New Heaven; Black 7 Allah and Allah C. I then also spotted my good brothers from Power Born (Pittsburgh); Sha King,I-Majestic and Knowledge Build (BTW Lords I need that shirt!). Also, if you haven’t ever heard some of the music by some of the Gods from Power Born cop it NOW (email I am KILLIN’ the Rebel Music Mixtape that I got from the Gods.

While versing with I-Majestic I got to speak withMichael Muhammad Knight and a college professor who came along also (name escapes me now). He let us know that the book Five Percenter Rap: God Hop's Music, Message, and Black Muslim Mission (Profiles in Popular Music Series)is currently out (knew it was coming out yet didn’t know that it was out). From what he had learned about the Nation from direct observation he let us know that there are some things in the book that weren’t right. I am going to get the book and give a review in the blog in the near future.

My focus for this Show and Prove was for the young star, I-Victory, to have the time of his life. It is important for him to take ownership of the Show and Prove as a product of HIS Culture. I want him asking the children in his neighborhood…”What? You ain’t going to the Show and Prove?”

When we got inside I saw many of the vendors whom I Knowledged already such as Wadu Allah, Elamjad Born Allah, etc… I got what my budget would allow, got the cards from others and kept it moving. The young prince I-Victory made his way straight to the play ground. In no time flat he made a new friend and they were rolling all day together like Allah and Justice. Always peace to see the righteous children together not eating pork, throwing up peace signs to the sky and tiny voices yelling God.

Once the young star was occupied I sought out Gods and Earths to add on with. I met many Gods and Earths whom I knew of yet had never met in the flesh such as Reality Blacksword (C-Medin-Chicago), Freedom (Love Allah-Los Angeles), Tislam (Born Master-Baltimore),
True Wise (Black Rule-Baton Rogue)etc.. As well as some whom I hadn’t seen in a while such as The Supreme Understanding (Allah’s Garden-Atlanta), Divine Culture (Divine See-DC), Exact Science (Lebanon-Lawrence,Mass), etc.. As well as family from Now Just (New Jersey), Victory Allah (Virginia), Egypt-Azia (Phoenix), Cream City, etc..

Did I mention that it was hot?

As I traveled every square inch of the Show and Prove I also ran into various other Gods from my Kingdom such as Born Wise, I-Born Justice, and Born Truth from the Heartland.

One of the highlights was the science fair! There were like 100+ babies in the gym doing the Knowledge to the science fair being facilitated by Liberty Science. It was a fresh display of solid, liquid, and gas by utilizing liquid nitrogen, showing how balloons expanded and contracted due the change in the state of matter. After that display they had several insects on display such as huge spiders (yeah I know a spider ain’t really an insect :P) that the children RUSHED to touch. I was enjoying it as much as they were. I swear even I-Victory (whom is KNOWN by all of the Gods and Earths to be kinetic) was just sitting there doing the Knowledge.

I would be negligent if I also didn’t mention these 4 fresh moments:

-The Cipher with Barkim dealing with relationships (peace to the God). C’Brown who traveled with me was speaking on it all the way back to New Heaven and I gained a lot of insight dealing with mileage between the Sun and Earth.

-The DVD put out by the Nation in Arizona. You MUST get this DVD that has classic picture of Gods and Earths in the Nation from Year One AWM (1964), through the 70s, 80s, and 90s up to the present. GET THIS DVD! To get a copy of it contact Lord Said at

-The DVD,Absorption of Light put out by my brother Khalik Allah. The God is 19 and got Knowledge at 14 and what he is doing with it is ridiculous! He’s in college and has dropped this ill short film about someone coming into the Knowledge of their self. Get your copy NOW!

-The animation display of Aki and Essence (the characters and comic strip is designed and produced by Shabazz Born Allah)
which was done by Divine Ruler whom is the web master of It will soon be placed up on the website. It is great. Not only is it animation. There are segments where choices come up and real children are interviewed as to what they would do. Loved it.

As usually I didn’t get to speak with everyone who I set out to and I didn’t even make it to the performance portion. All I Knowledge is that at the end of the day I-Victory was soaked from playing and he had a huge smile on his face. Mission was accomplished.

As we were rounding the corner on 127th and ….there was a huge Cipher. I saw my good brothers Knowledge Build and Reality Blacksword Building. We stopped to do the Knowledge. The topic was the responsibility of the individual to teach, teach and teach. It was focusing on the responsibility of the individual not only to their own person but also to the community of Self. It was a great way to cap off the day.

On another note I read the NY Times this morning and their coverage of the Puerto Rican Day parade this year (which always falls on the same day as the Show and Prove). They were focusing on how they arrested approximately 129 Latin Kings who, ironically were from Bridgeport, CT. They were all wearing gear that was black and gold with their crown on it. The ‘reason’ that was given for their arrest was that they were given an ‘order’ to disperse by the police and didn’t. Let me reiterate that. They were wearing the same kind of clothes and hanging together. That was their ‘crime’. Now many may have their opinion about the Latin Kings yet I will point this out…if wearing the same clothes and hanging together is a ‘crime’ then they could’ve arrested ANYONE at the Puerto Rican parade who was wearing the Puerto Rican flag. Muslims could be arrested for wearing kufis. They could arrest anyone at a Hip Hop club who is wearing ‘Hip Hop’ clothing. As we know they have already done this in some areas where certain jeans or shirts are classified as ‘gang apparel’.

I don’t want my son to be arrested for wearing a Universal Flag.


earth said...


Kahelah Symmetric Earth

Eboni Joy Asiatic said...

Peace Godbrother!

You are always blessing our entire community with jewels of knowledge and wisdom. I couldn't be at Show & Prove this year because my gold is being used to travel to a physical family reunion in Allah's Garden next month. Your build, however, took me there in every essence BUT the physical. Thank you dearly for sharing you and I-Victory's experience. Also, PEACE & CONGRATS to the Earth on her graduation, I know she's had to sacrifice much to accomplish this great goal!

Peace Family!
Eboni Joy Asiatic