Friday, June 03, 2005

The Best Part

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The above is a picture (fuzzy, yeah I Knowledge) from the Show and Prove of 2003. This is in the auditorium at the beginning where all of the babies get up on stage and sing our anthem The Englightener. In this picture I up on the stage with my alike Wise Teacher Allah from Mecca-Mass (Springfield, MA). The young Star I-Victory is on the stage toward the middle.

The babies are indeed the best part (and I don't mean the album by my good brother Justice Allah
even though it is bangin') being the sum of the labor that God and Earth put into the future.

It is always a good day on the day of the Show and Prove. There are always a whole bunch of youth who rise no higher then my knee running around or little older children who get pride in their face when you ask them the day's mathematics.

I'm looking forward to it.

BTW. I forgot to mention that my Earth is will graduate on June 17th from her Surgical Tech program at the top her class! Peace!

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