Thursday, June 02, 2005

I met her at..

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..the Show and Prove.

I was just discussing with my Earth last night how our first meeting took place at a previous Show and Prove. We had known of each other yet had never met until that Show and Prove. I lived in C-Truth (Connecticut) while she dwelled in Now Justice (New Jersey). I met up with her afterwards at a few Nation events such as summer Parliaments in Medina (Harlem), she came and vistited Allah's School in New Heaven (New Haven), and we utilized New York as a mid-way meeting place as we got to know each other.

From that day forward the mileage was set; 93 million miles.

The things that can happen at the Show and Prove:)

WHAT! You didn't know!


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earth said...

Peace God,

Indeed! Similarly, it was the Show and Prove ('02) which rooted my travels to the East, and was when I first met you, your Earth and many from the New Heaven Cipher in the physical. Most definitely a powerful and memorable experience.

Oh, and PEACE TO THE EARTH, for her accomplishments with her studies!

Kahelah Symmetric