Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I am constantly amazed at the effect that one's positive words (a form of Wisdom) can have. I notice the effect that the kind word has upon my Earth when she is distressed, how it can communicate great ideas precisely, and how it can be tailor made so that the self stylzed wisdom is indeed my own.

In opposition to the wise word there is the wack word, the weak word, the wrong word. I made notice of it this morning as I was conversing with my son. As I've already mentioned in previous posts we have a set of morning affirmations that we do. Lately, I've been bringing one of his friends to school also with us. So in the morning he bears witness to myself and I-Victory doing the affirmations, acknowledging the day and date, and going over the day's mathematics. My son, being who is he, asked him did he want to join in. His friends response (take into account that he is 5 years old) was no cause he was lazy.

I was amazed. I KNOW that the only way that he could've already formed this view of himself was due to him being fed the wrong foods mentally. Do I chastise I-Victory??? Hell Yeah! When he does wrong he has to evaluate what the problem was, how to correct it, and deal with consequences. Yet I am always careful to make sure that he realizes that his actions are not him and that he can change his actions. Needless to say I-Victory is an epitome of the 22nd degree of the 1-40. He is the piece of steel with magnetic in it. He always has a positive word for his friends and before long his friend was doing the affirmation portion of our morning exercises with us.

C'BS ALife Allah

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