Thursday, April 07, 2005

God Hop Pt IV

The 'underground' state

Many wrongly assume that the Gods and Earths were only a staple of the Golden Age of Hip Hop (circa mid 80's to early 90's). At most, many assume that we extended our presence into the mid to late 90's via the Wu-Tang era. The reality is that we have a grand presence before the Golden Age which has largely gone untold (as much of that era in Hip Hop in general has) and that continues today.

As a reaction to end of the East Coast domination of rap that came with the Chronic Album by Dr. Dre underground Hip Hop was effectively created. It had been in existence before yet with a host of various factors it now became a flourishing arena of talent. In that arena were many whom continue to push the envelope today (C-Rayz Walz, J-Live, etc.). Due to the current 'state' of Hip Hop it is influenced, controled, etc. by many factors. The lines between 'above' and 'under' ground aren't as clear anymore. There are many whom escape the radar on both fronts. This doesn't mean that they aren't on the field. It just means that one has reset their radar. Here are a few Gods and Earths whom are working to make a dent in the industry while at the same time teaching Freedom, Justice and Equality.

Tislam Allah

Harlem 6

Aikuan Allah (7odz)

Almighty 7

Sun Tzu Cadre


And yes to my peoples I Knowledge that I have forgot someone. Just don't take my head for it. Here's a bonus for people also from the past; the 'sons' of God Lil Nique (Unique) and DJ Just (Justice).

C'BS ALife Allah

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