Monday, March 28, 2005

Not getting married under the law

We advocate not getting married under the law. There are many reasons that we take such a stand. One reason is that one does not need a 'license' to do what one is can do by nature. A license is a writ of permission from some 'authority' to perform a certain function. One can understand that a license to drive or perform certain occupations is needed because it is a declaration that the person has a certain skill set that is required. In those cases it is a declaration that you possess the skill set. Why would one need a license to reproduce or claim that one is responsible? Also WHO is the authority in such a matter? If I decide that I will take responsibility for my Earth and my child who needs to "co-sign"? Also, the reality is that there is little criteria that one has to fufill in order to be granted a license, yet in the end it enables the government to have a greater influence over your own personal affairs.

With the current Teri Schiavo case (the woman in Florida whom had her feeding tube removed) those whom are married under the law need to rethink their position. One use to assume that being 'married under the government' would grant you certain rights. The Republicans have always cried over the 'sanctity of marriage between a man and woman' yet they are working overtime to negate the rights of Teri Schiavo's husband to speak for her as her spouse since she is medically unable to do so for herself.

Not getting married under the law is not a cake walk. It means that you have to show and prove that you are responsible. Getting married under the law does not equate to one automatically being responsible. The rate for divorce is OVER 50%. Many whom get married under the law are unaware what they fully need to do in order to manifest their union because the government is the 'third member' and they assume that the governement will handle everything. Again I have to give up something to the governement.

If one decides not to vaccinate their children for example that isn't 'enough'. One must be well versed in the Knowledge about vaccinations, the consequences, extant laws, nutrition, etc.. It is the same when one decides to not get married under the law. One has to be conscious of researching and preparing the documents for your will, health options, insurance, trust funds, etc.

With the Teri Schiavo case many are speaking about living wills yet the most inclusive document would be that and a durable power of attorney. Do the Knowledge to common law and civil union in your area. Just make sure that you research. The reality is, as in ANYTHING in life, nothing is given to you for free. You get out of something what you put into it.

Do the Knowledge to this site:

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Toni Lynne Ihara, Ralph Warner, Frederick Hertz

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