Thursday, March 24, 2005

1/2 a Century

The majority of the youth that were attracted to Allah were between the ages of 14 and 21. The first 9 Born fell between those age brackets. There is a large core of Gods and Earths whom are still here from when Allah was with us. They are in their 50's and 60's now. I have blessed myself to know many of them. With that said, I don't know of any gang who core members whom are in those elevated years. I am writing this to add on to a post by my alike, I-Majestic Allah who wrote in his blogspace ( in a post entitled "I Wanna Be like" on March 18th about how we have been identified by some as a gang.

Many people only are aware of the Gods and Earths via Hip Hop so it is no suprise that the ones whom they have narrowed their focus down to are those involved in the industry. Some are only aware of us through our presence in the criminal population. If you are looking for Gods and Earths in the prison I am sure you will find some yet I am more certain that you will find more people whom classify their selves as Christian or Muslim yet neither is referred to as a 'prison-religion'. When people make their search in a narrow field they will only find what they are looking for in that field.

I am one of the regional representatives for region 2 in our Nation which is basically the New England states, North Western NY, and Eastern Canada. I am a special orders supervisor for a major book chain, my Earth is completing her training as a surgical tech. Within our small region I Knowledge Gods and Earths whom:

-Work for government development companies securing contracts and deals
-Are registered nurses
-Are Pediatricians
-Work in various trades
-Work in retail
-Work in departments of social services
-Own their own martial arts schools
-Work as Casino technicians and supervisors
-Work in Immigration
-Work as Teachers
-Work as music producers
-Own production studios
-Own video Entertainment Co
-Are college graduates
-Also are some of the best damn parents to great children that I have ever seen

Saying that to be in the Nation of Gods and Earths is equivilant to someone being a drug dealer, gang-banger, etc. is the same to me as saying all muslims are terrorists and all black are lazy. It just ain't true.

Do the Knowledge to this essay exploring the history of the FBI in trying to destabalize the Nation of Gods and Earths. Think for a minute..why was the government so scared of the Nation? Could they STILL be scared of the Nation? The price of independent thought.

Due to my computer crashing I will be offline a couple of days yet the mental will still be going. I will be back soon.


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