Sunday, February 06, 2005

Staying away from Civilization

The current film 'Hotel Rwanda' transports us back to a great atrocity of the early 90's. The genocide of over 800,000 original people (the Tutsis) by another ethnic group of original people (the Hutu) in 1994. The paradigm shift had already happened amongst the original youth in America from 'black consciousness/golden age of Hip Hop' era to the Neo-Ice Age ('playa') era personified by Biggie and Puff Daddy. Therefore the channeled outrage and energy of original youth that had just a few years before gone into rallying against Apartheid was absent in 1994 on a large scale. In fact, many are only finding out nowaday the tremendous wickedness that took place.

There is another reason though that is not apparent to the naked eye yet is apparent when one looks beneath the surface. As a people often times we tend to want to ignore 'black on black' crime or atrocities.

During the height of the protest against South Africa Ice Cube said something to the degree of 'funk South Africa...what about South Central). South Central was being plagued with a murder rate amongst young black men that was surpassing youth in impovershed Bangledesh. At the time, 'black conscious intellectual' that I was I was appalled by Ice Cubes remarks. Nowadays I have a great Understanding and appreciation for them.

The wound of slavery has hurt us so much that we can only see the devilishment of the white man yet won't confront our own people's wickedness that is not only a result of colonization and slavery. A portion of it is our own indepent straying from proper observation and execution of civil behavior.


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bornking said...

As the Father of civilization I can never stray from that which I am, I live and am the prime example of. My name is Born King Allah. As a staff writer for the Five Percenter newspaper, I am glad we are taking advantage of all forms of media vechiles. Builders Build!