Monday, January 31, 2005

Sun, Moon, and Stars

Sun, Moon, and Stars

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Anonymous said...

Peace to all the Gods and Earths that tune into 1 of the Journals of Truth.

The Sun Moon and Star contains the materials that make up the entire universe. What you find in these you'll find throughout the entire galaxy. The Sun which is the center of the universe has extreme force and power upon all systems from the most high to the most low for those who understand. Understand the Sun will manifest its Power or its Force based on ones knowledge or lack of it. In the most high its colossal gravitational pull powers and sustains the balance of this High system which manifests the lower or solar sytem from a gas, liquid and ultimately to a solid degree.

In the most High, the Moon is a planet whos life is sustained and dependent upon the elements of the Sun. In the most low its presence rotates and compliments the earth which in essence the Moon and earth are 1 and the same. The Moons'light is the reflection of the Suns'light in which the Moon shines(high or low) in degrees according to the position of the Sun.

The Star represents Future Power and Force of the Sun and Moon, a Star in the most High, a Star in the most low according to understanding.

Peace, Kasun Original