Monday, February 07, 2005

One Word

One word…..
Every morning before he goes to school and every evening before he goes to rest my son, I-Victory, says several affirmations. Some of them are: I am a good listener, Mommy
/Daddy loves me, I can be anything I want to be, etc.. It is part of the routine. I join in with him when he says them so that he realizes that it is something that I advocate. Often times we wonder if what we are doing is taking root. Well, the other day, I got confirmation.

I-Victory takes the school bus home (he is in kindergarten by the way). On the bus are a couple of other children whom are in his class who live on our block. One of his buddies is named Amir. When they got off of the bus Amir had done something that had frustrated his mother. His mother proceeded to call him ‘stupid’ and other negative names. I-Victory speaks up and says “Amir isn’t stupid he is smart.” Amir’s mother was taken aback yet realized the science of what I-Victory was dropping. It was then I realized we are very much so at a great stage of molding his self confidence and also his loyalty to his friends.

One word can change…..


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