Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Hood Health Handbooks, speakers, guest writers, etc...

The Hood Health Handbooks feature over 120 informative and practical articles, including contributions from hiphop artist and nutritionist Supa Nova Slom, physician and medical fraud expert Dr. Scott Whitaker, vegan Chef Bryant Terry, hiphop artist and fitness expert, chef and holistic health counselor Afya Ibomu, hiphop artist and community activist Wise Intelligent, expert on law and healthcare disparities Dr. Vernellia Randall, detox expert and ecuator Dr. Nancy Williams, dermatologist and natural care consultant Dr. Kanika Jamila, and, of course, the world-renowned Dick Gregory.

Volume One focuses on the status of health in the urban community, the "wrong foods" that make us unhealthy, the history of diet and health care among Black and brown people (focusing on how things changed for the worst), the diseases and il...lnesses that plague our communities, and holistic (natural) methods to heal and treat ourselves into wellness.

Volume Two focuses on other essentials outside of diet (rest, water, sunlight, and more), hygiene, mental health, emotional health, health issues specific to women, having and raising healthy children, maintaining a clean and healthy household, and how to avoid the dangerous toxins in our food and environment.

C'BS ALife Allah is available for speaking engagements in the North East. He can be contacted at Copies of the Hood Health Handbooks can be secured at

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