Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This symbol of Freeconomy is a self contained atomic structure. A living planet(plan it) or shared vision which is the mental environment that manifests our physical world. The 18 spirals represent the motion of energy leaving and returning to its source which shows the ability for each of us to expand and contract. Economically this is how we support each other by patronizing those who keep the energy circulating within the same community. The Hebrew word for "alive" is חי (chai), which has a numerical value of 18. 18 is also the ability to know(1) how to build(8) together in completion(9). The green represents nature and the black represents the source of that nature balancing Mind and Matter. The F is Freedom, Finances, Fortune and Family which is Freeconomy.

Freeconomy is the balanced distribution of energy between natural living resources. The greatest natural resource that exists is mans gift to himself through others. We are all given a divine gift and purpose to the world we are a part of. In fact we truly are our purpose and as we come into our awareness of our gifts we become them. Economy is the use of a medium of exchange between people in an artificial system through production, distribution and consumption. This medium of exchange when not based in the natural world causes unbalanced distribution. This is the root of those who have too much and those who do not have enough. In reality true poverty is experienced by all who lack true purpose in the natural world. Awareness of our gifts brings us closer to being able to earn the breath of life given to us by our creator. Next we must use those gifts to provide a service to those who lack what you possess. The fair and equal trade of individual gifts allows the efficient operation of the universe. It is the willing spirit of sincerely wanting the best for ourselves and others that is the free in Freeconomy. Free is to be without unhealthy and unnatural restriction. To think of ourselves without understanding how we function within the overall ecosystem is selfishness. It is selfishness, greed, self doubt, envy and misunderstanding that we have suffered from and not a lack of resources. Everything that we need exists within each other yet our unwillingness to give and receive directly from those most qualified have blinded us to the answer in the mirror of the faces of our brothers and sisters. Freeconomy is the system by which the community of gifted, aware, healthy and beneficent minds connect to spread awareness, support, encourage and re-establish the human connection. To distribute the awareness of power from the few who control many through corporate interest to the many who must regain their own power and use it to the greater benefit of all. From the corporation to cooperation we are traveling the road to interdependence and Freedom one mile at a time. You will find independent products, services and businesses categorized by our specific needs. Please support each other so we may truly support ourselves. If you have any information, products, gifts or services to add post it here and after review it will be updated to the Freeconomy page. Requirements for participants include independent business with positive intent and a universally progressive mission to aid in bringing the people back to health. Healthy minds make healthy products and healthy products maintain healthy consumers. This is your Freeconomy for a free community.


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