Thursday, April 29, 2010

You start off with a good foundation in being civilized....

Those who have come into our Nation with a proper orientation recognize that there are prerequisites to fulfill before a person takes the journey through 120 degrees.  Due to various degrees of mixing, diluting and tampering from weak enlighteners/educators/teacher to the ubiquity of the internet the integrity of this transition has not been honored amongst many nowadays.  You don't get into college without passing the SAT, you don't walk onto a job without an interview and your ass don't need to be getting 120 degrees while you are slobbing on a porkchop.  See, in no uncertain terms, I am here to teach you yet you are going to have to handle a few things and I'm going to have to get to know you before we go anywhere with this 120 thing.

I see people online reaching out to teach people abroad without doing any type of 'outreach examination' of said individuals.  "Oh you want 120, I'll give it to you."  Even Yacub set up his format to have a Doctor to qualify or disqualify people.  Without a Doctor you end up doctoring a person's credentials.  Making them seem credible when they're not. People want to skip the Doctor and Minister and go straight into Nursing/mal-nourishing people with the wrong foods.

One of the first things that you bring a person into awareness of is civilization.  You gotta civilize a person's ass before you start feeding them degrees.  That's that Knowledge and Wisdom meaning you teach them how to pay attention to the codes of conduct amongst the masses and act accordingly.  The way many who come amongst us act shows that they haven't gotten civilization.  Respect ain't an abstract concept to be pontificated upon.  It is can only be referenced by a person's action.  Refinement ain't an abstract thought (I'm 3/4's covered in the mind..porkshit.  You a virgin in the mind?  You got money in the mind?) its sheer presence and existence is referenced by action.  This is the same way we say that the Blackman IS God.  God isn't 'in me'.  I AM.  You can gage the degree that a person is civilized through their ways and actions in reference to civilization. 

Being civilized is only the first step.  Being civilized has nothing to do with being righteous.  Shoot, Doctor Doom, Professor Moriaty and Gordan Gekko were civilized.  In fact for a snake to effective in a Cipher it is a pre-requirement that they be civilized.  They have to be able to blend amongst the populace. That is another story though.  The point that I'm making is that being Civilized pre-empts being righteous and the knowledge of one's self.  If you don't take the person you are teaching through this chamber you are doing them a disservice and by extension the Nation.

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