Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A blessing and a curse

This is the super secret history of the Nation on the internet.  Well not super secret.  It's just unknown to alot of people.

Long ago, in a time before many even thought about knowledge of self there was the virgin territory of the world wild web.  This was the era of aol chat rooms, usernet, listservs, static web pages, flame wars.  The time was the early 90's and the few who were online were the science nerds in colleges. 

In terms of the Nation this was an interesting time.  There had always been Gods and Earths who had gone to college since the time of Allah yet in the early 90's you had the first generation of Gods and Earths who were exposed to the 5% via the golden age of Hip Hop (circa 86-91).  Outside of the Gods in the military this is one of the major ways in which the ideology of the Gods and Earths got spread abroad.  In this landscape a few Gods that were online made their presence known mainly by posting their build on the day's mathematics in various forums dealing with hip hop, black culture, and politics.  The names I remember from this time Divine Sun, Divine Ruler, Knowledge Born, the Earth Rukiya, Melanasia, amongst others.  I was just getting aquainted with the net at that time.  It was good to see the budding of the Nation online.  I connected with the true and living and it was during this time that Divine Ruler noticed the growing population of Gods and Earths and those who were interested in our Nation.  Thus he set up the first Nation web page and set up the first Nation listserv.  I remember one of the first things that we did was to resolve to meet each other face to face at the Show and Prove.  We had our first in the flesh online meeting in the cafe.  I remember meeting Divine Ruler, SciHonor Devotion, CeeAaquil and a few others.  That was ALWAYS the rule.  Because if you were claiming true and living status and you didn't endeavor to meet people at the root or face to face than you were labeled a fraud.

Jump ahead literally almost two decades to the modern internet era, the so call era of the 'social network'.

There was a post the other day about how Norway's Prime minister was stuck at Kennedy Airport due to the no fly zone in Europe due tot he Icelanic volcano erupting yet was still running the government via his Ipad. This is the level that the Colored Man is utilizing technology and media.  One thing that I have noticed online is that the lack of productive use of technology is shared by the 85% and 5%.  In fact, if I was just to take a general survey of the pages of the 85% and the 5% I bet you that you would not be able to discern any type of difference other than an occasional build on the day's mathematics.

So what is the answer God?

Something I think everyone can do that will just cut through the porksh*t online stuff.

*build on the day's math with people vs 'arguing philosophy'.  Save that for the phone or face to face.

*Watch about how much energy you invest in a person if you don't know them or have at least one degree of separation from them

*If a person speaks only about their 'philosophy' vs what they are actually doing for the Nation in their Kingdom shun them.

*make sure your Kingdom is represented by a designated spot on your social network of choice (facebook, twitter, etc) and that information about what is going on in your kingdom is going on

*In the late 90's we had an online monthly magazine dedicated to the babies with puzzles, science experiments, facts, etc. I would like to start that up again yet I definitely don't want to take the weight alone.  Anyone who is interested in manifesting such an idea let me knowledge.  I will definitely format it and handle how it is presented online.

We have always been the change that we've been looking for.  It's time to use this technology for alot more than we have been using it for.


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