Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smack me and I'll smack you back

The Jewel is Justice

I have been in club fights yet a bar fight at an old dock saloon is another thing.
And most muthjumpers out there just don’t have any hand skills. I’ll get to that later

Most time we hear the word ‘justice’ in the context of a criminal being sentenced. If they get the type of punishment that we thought was appropriate then ‘justice’ was served. So we are often only seeing ‘justice’ as a punishment. Justice though is not just a penalty. It is also a reward. It is a measurement on how well you paid attention to your surroundings. Each penalty or reward will not be the same for each person. If my son went and took some money out of my wallet trust, he will get punished. Yet his punishment will be NOTHING compared to the unrelenting ass whooping that I will give an adult that dips in my stash! Being aware of my situation, weighing what I want out of life, and tallying up my resources I resolved on the boat to get the reward out there that had been waiting for me for so long.

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again
St. Matthew 7:1-2

People be taking the ‘you shouldn’t judge anybody to heart.’ (and yes NON-religious people this verse is the source of you saying ‘people shouldn’t judge anybody.’). People judge people all of the time. When you choose which of your friends to ‘hang out with’ you have made a JUDGEMENT CALL. When you decide that you aren’t going to go out on a date with a certain person that is a JUDGEMENT CALL. When you say, I don’t agree with x, y, or z that is a JUDGEMENT CALL. It’s the other part of the verse that people don’t digest. I judge people all of the what. If I don’t like something about you I don’t want you around my son..catch feelings if you have to. And often time when people get upset about the people whom I made judgement calls on they come back to me later cause they had to go through a funked up lesson to find out WHAT I TOLD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Take the second part of the verse,”,,,,,,,,,” It just means that what you call someone out on you’ll be called out on if you get caught doing it. So if you are saying don’t eat pork don’t go and get caught with some bacon in your mouth. So yeah I judge AND I accept that people judge me cause I KNOW what the verdict will be.

And my judgement on some of my shipmates is that they were drunken bastards who just didn’t have any hand skills. Yet they would get into fights. You know the type who always use that tired excuse “you should have my back no matter what.” WTF?? No YOU should use your intelligence and not get into f*cked up situations all of the time. Sometimes YOU are the one who is wrong and you need to take that ‘beating’ so that you will start using your damn brain. Take responsibilities for YOUR actions AND take the penalty.

I also see how port cities are just like the ‘other side of the railroad track.’ All of the ‘outcasts of society’ seemed to make their way down to the docks. I had to constantly remind a lot of the crew who went to drink on land that they didn’t want to become a bad episode of Law and Order. The ‘dregs’ of society up in the bar and here I was with some starry eyed kids who just wanted to get drunk.

As another aside a port city is a trading post. It allows a lot of different types of peoples to come together and interact and barter. It allows for lawful exchange and unlawful exchange. Now at one port I saw the BIGGEST rat that I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’ve been to some parts of NYC where they had ‘fat rats’ who definitely needed to be on Jenny Craig. Yet this rat looked like it was walking up in Starbucks and drinking quarts of mocha, loca, frapalapas. Believe me when I say that it looked like a small dog. The sound it made was like a small pony wheezing (yes…I know what that sounds like…another story).

I mostly kept to myself while on board. I was there for different reasons then the majority of the crew. Sometimes though I would journey with them to shore and relax in a pup. Now those whom grew up in the inner city or are familiar on any level with the general ‘art of war’ know that there are somethings that you automatically do when you enter in an unfamiliar place. You do the knowledge to the exits, you position yourself so that you can see the entrance, you position yourself so that no one can sneak up behind you, you don’t get drunk, etc. When we walked into this particular bar I was like…damn. I mean it would be no thing if I was in there with my boys yet this placed smelled like trouble. What was ‘funny’ though was that the crew was just clueless. The only dude whom trusted under these conditions was the 2nd chef whom was this black muslim dude (Kareem PEACE) whom I rolled with. He was near my age and was also from CT. Most importantly he had common sense. Now amongst the others whom we were rolling with was this one dude from some backwater town in Maine who couldn’t hold his liquor, the metro undercover dude that I talked about in my last post, a confused Spanish lush lady, and a dude from FL who we all didn’t like because he was just damn lazy.

Drunk Maine dude started to try to kick it to some dudette in the bar. Dummy didn’t realize that her boyfriend had just went to the bathroom. From there it was on. All I saw was a bottle crack the back of his head and him being stunned that he was bleeding. Before he got cracked by another me and Kareem were working to move them out of the bar…stupid skcuf wanted to stay and fight. So we were literally in the middle of the two groups; pushing one group out the door while trading blows with the other group. Fortunately the dumb shipmates started to run back to the ship because Kareem and myself were nice yet we didn’t know what else that they had. Knives and chains are so ‘out of style’ and I haven’t yet mastered the art of catching a bullet. They were respecting though the steel arms and puppy dog walk techniques. And I am sure that I performed dentist routines on more then one of them. When we got back to the boat I told them that next time I would let justice be served. Needless to say, they watched their steps in regards to bars from then on in.

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