Thursday, October 08, 2009

When looking for a Poor Righteous Teacher

Looking for a good enlightener/educator is like looking for a good college, mate, job, etc. You have to put in some work and work with some guidelines. Here is my top 20 things to look out for. Most of these should be instant dis qualifiers.

20. They ain't taught nobody.

19. They haven't made any change in their own life since knowleding 120 and they clearly aren't about anything.

18. They are an isolationist. The push isolating you from any God and/or Earth.

17. They don't know any history about this Nation

16. They're rushing to teach you 120 without any examination of your background, your needs, and your present conditions.

15. They don't have one good word to say about one God or Earth.

14. You don't know if they know 120 or not.

13. They can't answer any question about 120, break it down, draw it up or show you how to connect it to life.

12. They're always talking about what an Earth is supposed to do and be and ain't got one/never had one. They're always talking about saving the babies yet ain't got one and they're never around any babies.

11. They either worship ALLAH or shit on his name. Either polarity is unbalanced.

10. Nobody in their physical family, in their hood, at the job, etc knows that they're God or Earth.

9. They're clearly using the universal flag to shield some type of dirty activity that they're involved in.

8. They want some type of an immediate trade for this knowledge (sex, gold, submission, etc).

7. They always down this science and try to graft other things onto it.

6. They're stuck in whatever year they got it.

5. They don't challenge you on dumping your own bullshit (presuppositions) that you're trying to bring into the science.

4. They live in opposition to their name. For example Gods named Sincere who lie all of the time or Earths named Serene who are always causing a ruckus.

3. They're always referring to a "creator", "the most high", "being God with a little g" or calling every woman who they exchange fluids with Earth.

2. They accept you not giving your all to the journey of walking through 120

1. I don't know them, of them, or know someone who knows them. No, for real. This Nation is like one degree of separation and if no intel on a person can be drawn up by the true and living pass on that person.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

#10 caused a twitch!


Peace ALife,

Great site Lord!!! Peep the typo in # 13. to keep all things great yet somebody had to break the science down to this raw form!!! Some of us are not going to be able to face these harsh realities!!! Keep Building!!!

I C said...

Peace C'BS, I left a message for you @ Peace! IC