Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It doesn't take trillions of years.

"The 85% knows that it rains, hails, snows and also hears thunder above their heads, but they do not bother to find out who is causing all of this to happen. By not letting the 5% teach them they believe in the 10% on face value."
part of the the 9th degree of the 1-40

"But they do not bother" implies active resistance. And for the record alot who are calling theirselves of the 5% are still really that 85%. That 'but' is the sound of (non) intellectual stuttering of people making every excuse why they don't yet know 120, don't need to know 120, etc yet for some reason still want to be all up in the Gods and Earths magnetic yet can't even get through the BASIC curriculum. That 'but' is them with their butt assed out and wearing that thong or sagging pants ain't cute up in here.

For some reason they have issues with letting the 5% teach them.

And for clarity I ain't talking about your 'average' 85%er. I'm talking about those who for some reason are 'around' the Nation yet for some reason just can't/won't get it right. And I have heard EVERY excuse. I saw some dude the other day saying that he had to get his Master's Degree before he could study. STFU! The last Earth who I walked through 120 worked full time, was getting her Master's AND is a single mother of two. Excuses. I have heard it all. I want to reiterate again though learning 120 is the BASICS. You weren't even looked at as an 'adult' in this Culture until you go through the damn basic rites of passage. Like some who want to discuss how to make an atomic bomb without taking the damn course in physics or better yet those who want to make an atomic bomb while stating that a course in physics is uneccesary without them having gone through the basic course.

When you don't get this right belief becomes magnetic and some start to think they know what they know not. In the end they end up on the fringe and don't even realize that they are exiling their self from the whole.

God is not in occulation and the Earth is right under our feet. It is no mystery in this Culture what is needed to complete the curriculum. Born is complete. It is to reveal that one is rooted in this way of life ie...Knowledge what is supposed to be done. Born is the 9th principle in Supreme Mathematics. 9's is a way to determine the purity of platinum, silver or gold. It is important to determine a person's purity of purpose with this. What is their determined idea ie..what is their intent. What was your intent before you traveled from "who is the original man?" to "Pluto is 3,680,000,000 miles from the sun."

We don't do this 1/2 assed. We ain't 1/2 original.
We don't study this. The 'other man' studies US. We learn and live this. It doesn't take from 35-50 months to learn this.

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