Thursday, September 10, 2009

by myself..

I should start a whole new series called "negro please stop posting quotes and deep sayings because none of them apply to you and/or alot of those 'wise' sayings don't make any sense they're just fast food 'enlightenment'.." And yeah..that would be the whole title. And yeah I still might do it on the regular.

In this time of social media (myspace, facebook, twitter, etc) I see who much of the above. At first it was just a little bit here and there yet now with the up to the minute postings in microblogging it is hard to ignore. What makes it extra annoying is I know some of these folks in the real world and guess what...just stop it.

Let me take today's episode to debunk one of those phrases that I see all of the time.
I'm alone yet I'm not lonely.

Listen you're lonely. In fact I'll take it a step further, only lonely people post stuff like that online. If a person isn't lonely there is no need to broadcast to the masses that you're not lonely.

Now yes, it is possible to be alone and not lonely. Yet, let me reiterate..those people aren't posting. Yet you're lonely ass is up there trying to wear a mask that doesn't even fit on your face.

And what is sad is that they deny the very real feeling of being lonely. They devalue it. They make it seem like something that they are beyond. Like someone couldn't be....lonely.

I came to the wilderness of North America by myself and at some points I was alone. At some points I was lonely. My whole family on both sides belong to the same church. My earliest memory is of that church. My first girl. Blocks of my mental DNA all up on the altar. I cut myself away from it. I lost friends and family when I declared who I was.

Scriptures postulate a moment when God was alone and he brought forth his companion from the firmament of the heavens until she coalesced into sublime form. He did this not only to initiate creation. He did this because he was lonely.

Since I've gotten knowledge of self I have had a few Earths (yet my name ain't Scott La Roc). And each time that the distance between us disolved a void came into existence. I was lonely. That alone without being lonely is actually some ghey ass statement.

As I grew in this knowledge I met many others who saw reality like me. My associates grew. As time marched on though I realize that many who claimed this didn't really see at all. They never really progressed into their Supreme Mathematics. They could quote them yet they had not Understanding. The large multitude reduced once again to a remanent. That's some lonely stuff.

There are some days that are better than others. That is what I have Supreme Mathematics deal WITH emotions. I put them in their proper time and space. Yet what I won't do is deny them.


Ekklektia said...

Peace, God, this is a powerful statement. I read your blog on the regular, but this one really spoke to me because it would seem that we have had similar experiences. Being in church, part of the church from the earliest years, once you "declare" who you are--who we truly are--it does have the affect of separating you from the community. Especially a rural southern community where nobody's calling themselves by their names, nobody's discussing Supreme Mathematics or Alphabet and the streets are full of lost ones.

You are right, it does get lonely. And we should not deny or devalue that feeling, although I think Earths feel that temptation deeply in this age in which we are told that we should be independent and not need anyone else.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Earth,
That is profound in what you said in terms of that "independence for women" as manifested through western society can work as negative for original women in terms of causing them to downgrade or neglect one of the elements of bonded them to the community/culture ie..being with the original man. That is definitely something that I have seen time and time again.

When one Destroys something it is important that one is Building something else. And if you don't Build that community amongst the righteous of course there will be that void.