Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Earth is living.

Planets are something that are made or grown from the beginning. Some say that the Original woman is symbolic to the Earth. I say that the planet Earth is symbolic to the Original woman. Life can only come from life. Intelligence can only come from intelligence. These are some of the tiny kernels embedded in 9:10. We, man and woman, are not just products of the organic process of the planet. That would make the 'planet god'. The underlying principle of intelligence or mathematics predates our manifestation in our personal physical form. So in basic terms it is the principles of mathematics that developed the planet with the determined idea of being able to support organic life. The Yang (male) and Yin (female) mathematical principles predate the physical planet. The planet is developed according to mathematics ie..the nature of mathematics (nation of islam in 9:10) We are that principle.The Original woman is not the sum of the organic principles of the Earth.

In the ancient world in most original cultures the Earth was personified as a woman. The name Earth (because it is a NAME) comes from from the Anglo-Saxon word erda, which means ground or soil. It became eorthe in Old English, then erthe in Middle English. In Icelandic and other nordic langueges the word for earth is jord/ard/erth. The bridge. The Arabic word for earth is Ard. If you measure 2,200 miles across the hot arabian desert into the North you'll end up in Nordic lands. There is coinage from the Vikings that has arabic written on it. Most people don't knowledge that the Vikings supplied slaves to the Arabic empire. Anyway to bring it back to the foundation everybody referred to the earth as woman. You may be familiar with some of the well known ones yet what is interesting is that this principle is still found amongst the lesser known deities so you have Alaof the Igbo, Pinikir of the Elamites, and Beruth of the Phonecians. She is everywhere.

In the realm of science you have the Gaia Theory and other current research that the planet is a living organism.

All this to say that the Earth is living. So again..take care at what woman you refer to as the Earth. The Earth is (mentally) living.