Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you...

...don't know the definition stop saying that the 'spirit', 'soul', etc is 'energy.'


I Victory said...

Peace God.

I think part of the problem is that there are soo many various interpretations on these terms that there is no set consolidated agreement even within this Nation as to what they mean.

From your cee on things, can you give a breakdown on how or what these terms mean to you and perhaps what you would say is the general consensus with the NGE to these terms?

I've been grappling over this for some time as it seems (and rightly so) every year based off what I have learned and researched my approach and personal understanding of such terms have been quite volatile. Sometime in almost a seemingly opposition to what I thought even a year ago.

This is something that I have been wanting to ask various Gods who have been walking with this math for a significant number of years.

Thanks God.


I Victory

Olu Graphic Designs said...

her is what I found using Wikipedia:

The English word "spirit" comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning "breath"

Metaphysical contexts

In metaphysical terms, "spirit" has acquired a number of meanings:

1. An incorporeal but ubiquitous, non-quantifiable substance or energy present individually in all living things. Unlike the concept of souls (often regarded as eternal and usually believed to pre-exist the body) a spirit develops and grows as an integral aspect of a living being.[citation needed] This concept of the individual spirit occurs commonly in animism. Note the distinction between this concept of spirit and that of the pre-existing or eternal soul: belief in souls occurs specifically and far less commonly, particularly in traditional societies. One might more properly term this type/aspect of spirit "life" (bios in Greek) or "ether" rather than "spirit" (pneuma in Greek).


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace G,
I wasn't clear. People all of the time are saying that the 'spirit' and 'soul' are 'energy' yet can't define energy. If they knew a damn definition for energy then they would realize that how they are describing 'spirit' or 'soul' doesn't fit the definition for energy.

I Victory said...

Peace Almighty,

Ah no doubt, that makes perfect sense. Cool G, thanks for the clarification. I see what your saying God and where you coming from.

Ordered the book a few days ago, anxiously waiting to dig in and digest.

Great work and kudos to all of you that labored to make it a reality and it's really good to see someone with a background and experience in different aspects of the publishing industry used what was learned to do for self and all of us.

I'm proud to see so many G&E's supporting and seeing the link in so many locations and websites. Props G.

I Victory

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace G,
The book is definitely a testament to the Gods and Earths. Let me knowledge when you get it. I am anxious to get feedback and reviews.