Monday, August 24, 2009

Dune Guided Reading.

The original Dune series (not the hack prequel written by his son) is an incredible synthesis of environmentalism, religion, economics, drugs, etc. I reread the original series at least once every year. From a writer's point of view Frank Herbert executes incredibly on several levels from world development, characterization, plot, subplots.
The story extends over generations. It is epic dealing with prophets, Gods, demi-gods, cults, secret societies.

Each time that I've reread it was a unique experience. This time around will be another unique experience. I am going to do a guided Dune group reading. Basically if you want to be down contact me and we'll set up a schedule of us reading chapters together, discussing it through various social media portals, and basically giving a different depth to the work that one wouldn't get on their own. I'm planning to set it off on September 1st so get at me.


Olu Graphic Designs said...

I am down with you, I will get my hands on the books.
by the way I looked it up on wiki it was the countless "prequels" by his son and others that was confusing me about the correct order

P.S. there is a series of books that have a number of the same themes its called Saga of the seven suns by Kevin J. Anderson


C'BS ALife Allah said...

All of the books by his son are garbage. We're just going with the cannon by Frank Herbert.