Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Changing minds one book at a time....

Those who know me know that I don't waste my time with things that don't produce results and change (I rocked that before Obama..take note). I remember when I first met Supreme Understanding in NYC at one of the Educational and Scientific Show and Proves. I was like who is this short Indian looking loud mouthed muthajumper! Needless to say I was impressed on what getting the knowledge of himself had done for him. Little did I know that I was just looking at the genesis of his growth and development. It was later on that I took note of his accomplishments in the academic world AND in the streets. That's the 5% tradition, to be Lord of All the Worlds.

In several arenas our paths would cross over the years. It was always a fruitful exchange. To put it simple the man named ALLAH didn't raise no punks and I don't roll with anyone who is a punk. Supreme Understanding ain't no punk.

As I versed with him at length about his future goals I realized that they coincided with mine's. The only logical move from that point was to throw in my hand with his and move as one because God is one.

I have extensive time logged in with the book business world. I worked a long stint at the special order's supervisor for Barnes and Nobles. Let me tell you that the book publishing business is working on an old model. This new model is being crushed by the new avenues offered by the internet. Yet, as it can easily be predicted, the big publishing houses can't see the writing on the wall. They are in the exact same place that the big music companies were when the internet was changing the music game yet they choose to be blind.

That is where me rolling with Supreme Understanding comes into the game.

We already see where this publishing game is going. Supreme told you a few years ago. I need you to understand that we are making the change that is already predicted will come. It is starting right here. You need to be in tune and involved.

Come August you will really start to see how serious we are about this thing called book publishing. These are not just pieces of 'writing' that don't have form and purpose. We are here to redesign the world.

If you aren't in tune with the various imprints and books out at this moment get moving.

The imprints

Supreme Design Publishing

Two Horizons Press

Asiatic Light Micropress

The books

How To Hustle and Win pt I and pt II (Rap, Race and Revolution)

Knowledge of Self Anthology

The above are all of the portals on Facebook.

In order to keep up with the growth and development of the books and publishing endeavors that are about to flood the environment we invite you to follow the following imprints on twitter. This will give you up to date information regarding releases, author interviews, and general information on how these various imprints are going to redefine the industry.

Supreme Design Publishing
publishing books dealing with urban literature, street science and inner city philosophy.

Two Horizons Press
publishing educational books focusing on history, philosophy and titles for children.

Asiatic Light Micropress
publishing poetry, photographic journals and other artistic endeavors

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