Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now the time has come...

Peace. What is funny is that my alike Sha-King contacted me informing me that he was retiring his blog. It was funny because I told him that at the end of June I was retiring my blog for the forseable future.

The next few months for me are full of transition and things being Born. I respect the blog and the readership to the degree that I do not want to continue unless I can give it my full attention.

I have loved this every step of the way and I will be continuing to work on various writing projects in the near future. I will not fully shut down that blog as I will use it here and there to make announcements pertaining to the Nation yet as a record of my various perceptions of ideas and concepts in the Nation it will be no more.

I thank all of you who have followed me from day one, those who came later on, and those who may have just found me.

The Black Man is God. The Black Woman is the Earth. The babies, they're the greatest.


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Olu Graphic Designs said...

I will miss this blog