Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Green PSA

Green. I don't like you ass. Unoriginal non knowing who and what God or Earth is.

Let me explain all of the above statements.

Since my tenure in the Nation it has been well known that I am what would now be called nowadays a 'Green advocate'. That vegan God. That environmentalist God. I even wrote a piece about it called "Her Fullest Ecology." The piece connected treatment of the Black woman with environmentalism. There are those who are indifferent to my stances, some who clown me on it, and other who genuinely (for some reason or another) feel threatened by it (which cracks me up..they always talk about militant vegans yet i always see meat eaters trying to bully vegans..another build).

I have kinda been holding in what I'm about to say now for a minute and this specifically is addressed to some in the Nation.

I came to the wilderness of North America by myself..showed your ass what veggies and foods to eat. I showed your ass how to build an enviro-centric civilization so that you wouldn't deplete your resources. I showed you how to not adopt the grafted practices of the man you said was the devil. And y'alls asses clowned me. You ignored me. I walked that path by myself. I saw y'all ignore a few other Gods and a few Earths who were trying to tell you all along that this shit wasn't the product of white hippie-dom. I heard it out your mouth label this as 'that white stuff'.

Now your ass is riding the Green environmental bandwagon that is sweeping the United States.

I got more respect for those who clowned me and are still clowning me.

Those who are riding that bandwagon would rather hear it from some WHITE people or they would rather just follow the masses.

Who are the 5%?

You couldn't/wouldn't listen to your own brother? Your own sister?

You didn't take time to put it through Supreme Mathematics?

And now you're trying to come up like you are the experts and not recognize the architects?

It is mad peace though. Because the Gods and Earths who always walked this road will still be doing what we were doing before the fad. You might want to check us if you need something to eat in the future or if pollution is overflowing your area.


"Yellow Seed" said...


I'm still waitin' for one of these meat eaters to "break me in half".....LMAO

"Yellow Seed" said...

I appreciate this so much I had to comment again about it.....